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Whether you are chasing nature or history, Romantic Getaways in Ohio have every thing you are chasing

When the concept of a romantic getaway vacation comes up, you might think of candlelight dinners over salad, steak, and good wine. Or you might think of strolls through a peaceful coastline, where surf and sand collide into a dreamy mess of noise and sudden silence. Or you might be enamored with the idea of going to Europe together, stepping back into history, staying at a castle, climbing ancient and secluded hillsides, and going everywhere hand in hand – with the occasional kiss on a romantic street corner, of course.

There are many places in the world where you can enjoy such romantic getaways, but did you know that there are many romantic getaway vacation packages that you can avail of in Ohio? Along with your moonlight stroll, romantic dinner, and escape into another world are many more ways that you can enjoy your vacation with your loved one. Ohio can offer all these for you, and more, as long as you know how to spend your hard earned cash and where to look.

Ohio is best for your romantic escape during the summer, but you can still enjoy a lot of this glorious state anywhere from the spring of early May to the autumn of late October. These mark the peak times in Ohio, so if you are planning to go there on a budget, you might have to look harder for travel packages. For more in-depth details, you can consult your travel agent, or talk to friends who have been to or are from Ohio. They can share their own travel experiences to the state, and Ohio locals can give you even more tips to plan your romantic getaway without spending too much.

Ohio sits on the shores of the Great Lakes, and what better way to get romantic than some peaceful waters? Run over to Ohio’s North Coast Harbor, where you can choose between an Omni theater, the Great Lakes Science Center, or a stroll through one of the world’s largest farmers’ markets, the West Side Market. There is nothing like a sunny afternoon spent with your loved one, where you can look for fresh fruits for dessert, hunt for bargains together, and even plan your dinner by shopping for fresh meat and vegetables on the way back to your hotel!

If you and your loved ones are rockers at heart, then run over to Cleveland, Ohio’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where you can join the rest of the world in paying tribute to classic rockers.

There are loads of exhibits and rock memorabilia in this high-tech museum, along with interactive displays that you can press, touch, and play with for your own escape into the vibrant rock and roll universe.

If you and your loved one are both shoppers, then take a stroll into history and visit Ohio’s Old Arcade, the United States’ first indoor mall, and a historical building with homey architecture. When you are done shopping, you can pick amongst Ohio’s many romantic restaurants, where everything from fish to steak awaits your discriminating palate. Cap the evening off with some
champagne, a slow dance with your lover, and a kiss under the moonlight.

If you don’t want to cook your dinner during your romantic escape – it is an escape from real life after all, is not it? – then head over to Lake Erie, where you can avail of lunch or dinner cruises. If you’re the more daring type, then Cedar Point Amusement park can give you the best in roller coasters. Scream together and hold hands as you go through the loops and dives of the roller coasters in what is reputedly the world’s best amusement park.

For some German fun, go to the Brewery District in Columbus. This outdoor museum contains brick sidewalks, antique shops, historic homes, and fine dining restaurants. Have a drink with your loved one and enjoy the sights together. You can still have a slice of Europe in this part of the world, and without having to cross the Atlantic!

In the mood for some quiet and romantic time together? Take to the Ohio River for some excursions, or stroll through Bicentennial Commons Park together. If you want to see the river as well as Cleveland from the top, then head for the Carew Tower, where you can get a romantic view of the city with your lover. You can also walk through the Dayton Art Institute and enjoy exhibits by renowned European and American artists. Soak up some culture with your lover, and you might find yourselves entrenched in a good intellectual discussion afterward as you have a simple snack in any of Dayton’s street side cafes.

You can also have a bit of rest and recreation in the rolling hills of Ohio. Go on a scenic train ride together with your lover, walk through pine forests, or simply spend a romantic afternoon together in your log cabin. Whether you are chasing after history or nature, Ohio can be a great romantic getaway for you and your lover!

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