Birth Date
2 / November / 1988
48 kg 125 lbs
The type of man that I desire

We like to do all house work together with my sister. I believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain! Also i like to read books that are connected with psychology. So my typical morning is "hurry-scurry", i should confess :) There are only me and my daughter.

About my family

:)My future goals are I want to achieve success, but not in business, in personal life! I want to meet a strong man. My father died when I was 16 so mother and brother are the dearest people for me! I do not have any siblings, but instead, I have two cousins :) We are also very close. My mother, my father and my granny live in the village where I grew up.

Domestic abilities

I like doing everything around the house. I am already a good cook. I teach my girls to clean and to wash dishes, they already know how to water our plants ( we have a lot of them in our apartment-)), so they help me around the house and I can`t complain:). But most of all I enjoy washing floor. My mother enjoys to help me when I am baking cakes. But I think the main task of every wife to make her house look great. I clean my home, cook for my mates and friends. As I told before, I try to be always creative. I believe that in a family partners should enjoy each other and life together, as for the comfort, I believe it will exist if there is love between people.

What I do in my leisure time?

Besides, I like to meet with my friends, to walk my dog Benjamin or just enjoy a nice music or some interesting film. I also enjoy reading books. When I have free time I try to do something nice because I don't like wasting my time. I have a younger sister and I always take care of her. I love traveling, and when I have a chance I try to go and explore the new place :) I love life and enjoy every day of it. There is nothing better for me in the world than breathing fresh air and that is why when I have some free time from my office work and from daily routine I try to spend it outside with my son. My son is the main priority of my life.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Intelligent, strong and at the same time weak. She acts like a lady, looks like a model and her eyes are fascinating. This lady is a real nurse and not just professionally. She is very smiling lady and it is nice to talk to her. She leaves a very good impression of herself and makes you want to talk with her more and more. Her man will be the happiest man! This lady likes romance and unusual things, she believes in wonders and of course in true, pure love!

How would I describe myself

Most of all I love two things. I would say that I am very kind-hearted and caring lady, I take pleasure in sharing and feel some guilt when I’m in a position to share something but I am not able to. It’s difficult to talk about myself as it’s so easy to exaggerate or underestimate some qualities. I will not be too modest:) I think I am caring, tender, beautiful, smart, purposeful and sexy:). I love to discuss interesting, sometimes philosophical topics. I am an active person. I am a quite energetic lady who has a kind heart and an open soul. I love massage a lot and I like to take care of my face and body.

My typical day

We like going to the cinema because I always try to watch all the new movies. I don't have a typical day, every day is new for me. We play, walk, learn something new), read dance and draw). As a rule my day starts with a smile :) I am on maternity leave now. After college I have some practice in the Regional Children's Hospital. After a light breakfast I turn on music and get ready to go to Uni. I like reading my favorite book and to get to know something new to improve myself. I usually start my day by doing some morning exercises.

My future goals are

It is not easy to talk about myself because your opinion and mine can be quite different. I am very cheerful, curious, friendly, sociable and active girl. I am sincere, kind and open by nature. I live according to the following rules: eat clean, drink water, train hard, set goals, stay focused, never give up.

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