Birth Date
2 / October / 1983
53 kg 135 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I prefer healthy way of living and i want my man to follow it too. I would be happy to find the person on my way who is sincere, ambitious and intelligent. Also how could a family exist without family nest? I like good sense of humor. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)

About my family

My family consists of 3 people: my mother, my father and me. we are very close with her. Mum is my best friend and she knows almost everything about me. :)My future goals are I want to achieve success, but not in business, in personal life! My family is very small and consists of 2 people, it's me and my son.

Domestic abilities

I love to cook and have few special dishes, which I can make even better than my mum (and she is really good at cooking)! I can do anything about the house. I do not really like doing something about the house but I have to. I am keeping all my mother's old recipes. :) I believe that it is a lot of fun to do this together. One more thing I like to do about the house is decorating. I know, than not everyone prefers this kind of indoor plants, but they are very beautiful. I love him very much. But I can't say that all it brings me pleasure.

What I do in my leisure time?

-) I also have some good friends and I like to meet with them when I have free time. One of my friends does knitting and I hope one day it'll become one of my hobbies as well. I am an outgoing person and I prefer to spend my free time in active way. Mostly it is hard to find a book which would be interesting to me, but if I find then I can't do anything else until will not finish it. I like Russian billiards, animals, I love my job also and for me it's not only about money but another my hobby. It helps me to clear my mind and cheer up. By the way my hobby is cookery!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Julia is very open and sincere person. Lady is very feminine, confident and precise about her goals. You can always rely on her and be sure that she will be there for you in any situation. Her eyes are bottomless and her smile is disarming. She is very attractive and kind. Her smile is very mesmerizing. olya made a very good impression on everybody in the agency , she is open , nice and cheerful .

How would I describe myself

I am a person of all-or-nothing thinking! I am a very creative and active person, I love to try everything new all the time. Hope my dreams will come true. I have one very unusual and very interesting feature! To walk holding hands with my soul mate and to enjoy each moment)) I like stability and try to fulfil my life with it. I don't like any confrontation and I don't like to make things complicated. and to hear happy voices of children)).

My typical day

I feel the element of water and nature. I love my work, it is interesting and successful. If I have a lot of free time I go to the gym. I have lunch with my friends. In summer I spend much time at out countryside house, we have little field and garden there. After that I can spend time with my friends or doing my hobbies and then I go to my bed to see sweet dreams. After work I try to go to the gym or to the pool, also I do some shopping for fresh milk and bread. After work I have to go home and walk with my dog again.

My future goals are

I'm a serious person who would love to give all my energy to someone special)) I am a strong woman who wants to be weak next to a loving man. I am tender person despite all the hobbies that I have. I think that actions speak louder than words.

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