Birth Date
10 / May / 1997
56 kg 123 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want to meet a strong man. i want to see a brave and kind man next to me! But the main thing is confidence. Watch this video for free This text will be replacedsee her fascinating movements and charming smile.

About my family

I am going to share all my love and care, my tenderness to this special man. At the same time she is intelligent and positive. maybe its my dream? I really believe that only your brother or sister can be your best friend. I was so fortunate to have a very nice and friendly family.

Domestic abilities

I like cleaning my apartment and keep it neat all the time. My home is my castle, and it is always comfortable and safe there. I also enjoy cooking, but usually I cook on weekend or evenings when I have more time, because I like to cook something special and very delicious. I love to clean and there's nothing like finishing and enjoying the look and smell of my clean home. Man who is not hungry, is half happy. My mum taught me to be a very tidy and neat person. I can and I like to do all about the house, I have a very good teacher, my mom thought me to do all about the house - I like ironing a lot, and I adore to bake, I like to try new recipes of cakes and I bake amazing cupcakes. I do everything about the house and I like to do it. I love to do housework.

What I do in my leisure time?

Leisure time? Also I like visiting places where I haven't been earlier. Sea makes me feel relaxed and gives me a lot of energy. Also I like to go to bowling clubs. I do love gardening a lot and I enjoy having some fresh fruits on a dinner table. I go in for sport with a great pleasure and my favorite activities are skiing, skating, cycling and swimming. When I have a free moment I try to spend it with my daughter, who is my sunshine and my pride.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

While talking with her you may notice that she goes through life with faith in the best. It feels like there are no bad days in her life, she is always smiling. Kind person with a great heart. This incredible woman is ready to help everyone who will ask for it. Gentle, smart, gorgeous lady, easy nature who wants to meet her half. She has great sense of humour and beautiful smile. She can make happy someone with kind heart and the same attidute to life like she has.

How would I describe myself

I need very little in my life, but my desires are clear and I know exactly what I need and what I do not need. All people say that I look like a teenager. I am a very outgoing, easy-to-move person, I am merry and goal oriented. I'm friendly, optimistic, bright woman and I am always ready to help. I am ready to make a loyal, caring and loving wife. Together we will make our hearts strong and vibrant. The lady whose name is Lubov, translated as LOVE into English. I am sure my mission is to become a happy lady and to make all people around me happy too.

My typical day

I like to read something before going to bed because I have more colorful dreams then -) I am slim by nature, but I believe even slim girls need to do some sports to stay healthy and feel good. I like to eat sandwiches or a toast. What I do in the evening after work usually depends on my mood and weather. Also I have some kind of ritual to take a shower when everything is done and I just have free time. I don't have much free time, that's why I usually meet my friends on the weekends. As I've mentioned before, I have a daughter! My typical day I start with my morning exercises, then I take a shower and cook breakfast.

My future goals are

My future goals are I want to find a good father for my daughter! but I`m alone. Besides all that I am a faithful woman! No drama, more smiles - it's about me!

What to write headline profile dating

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What to write headline profile dating