Birth Date
13 / September / 1991
60 kg 110 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I would love to build a strong family which is based not only on some routine things, but also on extraordinary moments. About my family i'm very lucky to have a good and strong family. my future goals are my goals are simple and in the same time special for me. I have sister and niece, she is very cute and we adore each other. I want to motivate my man, but i want to be with a person who will be self-motivated also.

About my family

Watch this video for FREE I like very much my family, because I can always talk to them like to my friends that will try not only to support me, but also to give some pieces of advice. I love to see new places. My parents have got two children – me and my sister. I have mother and father who are loving and very attentive parents!

Domestic abilities

I adore cooking and cleaning. But I am very neat, that's why it's very important for me to maintain cleanliness in our apartment)) I think it's so wonderful when all family gathers together in the evening and have dinner:) I am a tidy person, so I keep my home clean and fresh. ))) Cooking is what I usually do when I am free of work. I love making my house cosy and creating friendly atmosphere there. Our house was always clean, clothes was washed and ironed, there was always something tasty in the fridge. I like cooking and always try to find new tasty recipes. I do vacuum cleaner, I wash the dishes. As I always put things on their places I don't need a lot of time to spend on cleaning.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like the nature very much, and I never use an opportunity to go somewhere outside the city, to enjoy spectacular views and to breathe fresh air. I like cooking very much. Walking with my dog and having fun with my friends also make me happy :) music and dancing. I adore traveling and learning new places and sights. I am a communicative and open woman, that is why I have a lot of friends who are always welcome in my house. I'm a pretty open person and I always like to to get acquainted with new interesting people.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She should be seen in person to reveal a bright personality and a big heart in her. This lady is very attractive and sociable, optimistic and fun loving, tender and caring. She leaves an impression of princess but besides beauty she also has sharp mind. Helena is an open, kind, bright and sincere lady. Marisha is very cheerful and smiling person, positive and easy-going like a child. Gentle lady with good manners and charming smile) She wants to meet her one and only and fill his days with smiles and sunshine.

How would I describe myself

I am tender and kind, funny and serious, I love life and I want to find my soulmate to be completely happy together. Being open and communicative means broadening my mind and my views on the world. I want to be happy and loved woman and to give all my love, warmth, care and affection I have in my heart to the only one man - my man. I believe I can make my beloved one laugh even on the most difficult and tiring day, because he will always know he is loved and cared for. Good strange. I am romantic enough and I love the beauty of nature and the world around. I am very honest. I love to smile and to be happy.

My typical day

I get back to my cozy flat and have dinner! After that I go to work. I am a creative person so every day is full of magical events for me. My daughter likes to help me with cleaning so we do this together with great pleasure. I wake up early in order to start my day with morning exercises. I need to prepare for my next lessons and to cook a good dinner for my family. I have been doing ball dances for 7 years. Usually I start my day with something sweet (because I am a real sweet tooth) and with fresh-pressed juices that I love very much.

My future goals are

I like to find the same man. Do you want to join me? I want to live my life fully and I will find any way for it with my man) I don't want to be hurt by men, I am very vulnerable, like a flower.

What percentage of workplace dating result in marriage

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What percentage of workplace dating result in marriage