Birth Date
18 / September / 1992
49 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I hope to have the same nice relations with my daughter in future. I don't tolerate disrespect and invasion of private space. I also need to get ready for my working day. I have 2 dogs and one kitty back home, in the village and i miss them so much each time i come back to lviv for work. i am looking for the man whose main aim is to create a happy and friendly family.

About my family

How would I describe myself Positive, smiling, cheerful, tender) Sometimes stubborn. I like to spend time with my family and I love it a lot. I am very grateful for what they did and so I always try to be a good daughter for them! Also I like horseback riding, cycling and football. I have my parents and a sister who is 4 years younger than me :) We are not only sisters with her, but also good friends :) I have always felt support and help of my family.

Domestic abilities

So, get your spoon ready. I like when my home is cozy. Also I love very much to keep my house clean, because all this dust and mud can really drive me out of my mind. I want to cook tasty dinner for my husband so much. I'm not just a woman, I can proudly say that I'm a real housewife! I can do everything about the house, I like to keep my home clean and cozy. I like doing everything about my house. By the way, I'm a vegetarian and I do not eat meat at all. I love to change furniture.

What I do in my leisure time?

So let's get started! I like to listen to music and I can tell I am a music lover. When I don’t work, belly-dance takes a lot of my time. :) I like to breathe fresh air and to get incredible impressions of different trips! I prefer books to movies because I can use my imagination to picture the events from a book. At the moment I work a lot and I don’t have much free time. At this very moment I don`t work so I have planty of free time.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is serious about her search and believes that her special man is here! This lady is very attractive and sociable, optimistic and fun loving, tender and caring. She is communicative and knows how to talk with different people! but she has so much warmth inside her,so much power. This lady is very determined. She is really interested to find a man on this website and has very serious intentions. She has a wide look on the relationships and how people should behave to create really a strong bond between them and to live happily ever.

How would I describe myself

I believe love and peace will save the world :) What can I tell you about myself. I like kids and animals and I really like to play with them :) I want to love and be loved, and I think that true love exists - we just need to find it. Do you agree? I am very energetic, communicative, honest and trustful person, who's inner world is young and beautiful! I know that my real destination and happiness lay in a family hearth and reciprocal care. But sure, I have much good qualities in myself.

My typical day

Of course, my little girl always with me. I go to bed late in the evening with a feeling of weariness and loneliness. I begin my day with wakening up and preparing some breakfast for all my family. I return home after and I usually find it very relaxing to cook something:) Sometimes I invite my friends to my place, sometimes we go out altogether. I also like to go to the fitness club with my friends sometimes or we just go to some cafe with them in the evening and chat. Usually, I come home at 6 p. Sometimes I prefer to stay at home and read a book, sometimes I meet with my friends or do sport.

My future goals are

I try to be a good mother. I do the Qigong practice now. I have strong family values, and for me family would be always number one priority. I came here.

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