Birth Date
7 / June / 1997
57 kg 105 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Every member of it gives a helping hand to each other. What can be better than to be a weak woman in my man's arms? But most of all i would like to have the same interests and goals in life. I sincerely hope that such man exists -)get a much better idea of the lady's personality! We are sure that julia is ready to build a strong family with the right person.

About my family

I am lucky to have twin sister and I know it happens very seldom. I came to this agency to achieve my goal. What I do in my leisure time? I am very active and I like all types of social activites, as well as interesting events. two brothers, they are older than me.

Domestic abilities

So, my husband will be a very happy man :) I am always looking for some new recipes and make experiments in the kitchen (but do not be afraid, before giving that food to others, I am trying them myself -)) I also like to cook and to make cozy atmosphere. I love cooking and I was told my food is very tasty, I always cook with love, and I think it makes the food better! Now they are booming and making my eyes happy. Either it is cooking or cleaning up. I want to have a big family in the future, so have to be careful. My mother is an amazing housekeeper, and she raised me to be a good one also. I like to cook, clean, look after my animals, plants, go shopping.

What I do in my leisure time?

In my free time I like to go to the gym, to read books and to ride my bike, to travel, to have some short trips to other cities and discover new places, I am an adventurous person and looking for someone who will share the main adventure of my life with me-))) Most of all I enjoy active ways of spending my free time. I spend quite enough free time in gym. I guess that life is a beautiful thing. I hope I can cook some day for you and you will tell me what do you think :-) I love sports, dancing and singing, I love drawing also, and I think I am rather good at it. Nature is something incredible for me and so I often go to the mountains or to the village to visit my relatives.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

An awesome woman with family-values. She is a very responsible, serious and smart lady with an intelligent sense of humour. Always smiling, positive and active. Very smiley and active lady! This lady is attractive, intelligent, pretty and interesting person. She needs your love, support and understanding. A very smart young lady, honest and balanced and has a big and loving heart.

How would I describe myself

I think I'm sociable and cheerful, but at the same time I take many things seriously. I am a dreamer and this helps me to stay positive. I like cooking and I keep healthy way of life. I am a kind, reliable and understanding lady. I'm a versatile personality. I am a serious, kind, family oriented and interesting lady who knows exactly what she wants from life and I really want to find my man here. My life motto to treat people the way you want them to treat you. I can't imagine my life without creative work.

My typical day

That's why in the evening. After breakfast I go to my work and my daughter goes on her studying. But the day when I can go and spend some time with my nieces becomes so much different and brighter. When I get back home it's around 5-6 pm, I have dinner and do some homework. The main thing is to take a nap in time, and then continue to work with refreshed energy. I want to do everything in time and I am convinced that it is not possible to achieve your goals laying in bed only. I am a nightingale and that is why all my days start very early in the morning so that I could cook a tasty breakfast for my family and get ready for the day. I wake up early in the morning and do not get up for a while: I am trying to recollect my night dreams and just enjoy the beginning of a new day.

My future goals are

I have passion to cars, I am a driver myself and enjoy it very much. I love to learn new things in life and to create new things. I like to dance, I like to smile, I like to make this world brighter. Moreover it is a competition and when you compete to someone it gives you an additional power to win.

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