Birth Date
16 / January / 1992
52 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

But who wants to be serious the whole day and the whole life? I want to be a perfect wife and my future husband would come back home with pleasure. I cook for myself and like to spoil myself with something delicious. I like to be in good shape and food plays a big role in it also. By the way, the best customers are brides.

About my family

My family is two my sisters, my daughter and my grandmother. When the weather is fine, I like to go for a walk in the end of my working day. I like spending time outside because I like fresh air. I think that I have fine parents and in my future I want to build the same relations between me and my husband! I work in the programming field, and it's not common job for a lady.

Domestic abilities

I am sure that children are repeating everything after their parents, that is why I want to give good example for my daughter. It makes not only my mood better but also my son's. )) As I said, like real kid-) I like to do everything about the house, but most of all I like to take care about the plants. I am not a lazy woman, so I am sure that my house will always be clean, tidy and cozy. I like to do a lot of things at home. I can do almost everything about the house, I like cooking and can clean the house, depends on my mood, I like flowers and have many at home, so I look after them too, wish one day I will have more important abilities- to bring up children for example, but it depends not only on me. I like to cook for them very much. I'm sure that it's not a problem for me to make anything about the house when I listen to my favorite music.

What I do in my leisure time?

I always wanted to learn like to ride a hourse, so in future will try to devote my free time to it. I like sunny days and smiles :) Being with my friends and just laughing. I also like to go out with my friends, to go to disco. To dance, to spend time with friends, and with my son)- to walk, I love nature and traveling, visiting an exhibitions and art galleries, museums and concerts. I read books from cover to cover and thirst for discoveries never leaves me. I don't like bars or some other public places, especially at weekdays. So, summer, seaside and swimming is one of my passions.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a lady who is ready to build a strong family. :) She is a very talented young lady who knows what she wants from this life. It feels you can sink into her huge and deep eyes! Smiling and cheerful girl. She is very smart and can find positive sides in any situation. She is very positive, kind and cheerful, and at the same time is a bright and strong personality. When you look at her you just can not stop smiling.

How would I describe myself

The rest of me to discover is up to you. One day I dream to see Italy! I came to find someone I can give it all to. I'm quite calm, but at the same time I'm always full of energy. If you are tired from loneliness, write me. I am positive and active person. Do you like woman that takes care about her health and beauty? Let's go with me?

My typical day

There are no lazy days in my life. I love to surround myself with positive people who can raise my mood. I love to read about history, design, psychology of relationships between a man and a woman. My working day is not special, I wake up and go for a walk with my dog and then going to work. Then we go together to sleep. I wake up early, make a cup of aroma and sweet coffee and help my daughter to get ready to school. I also like to have dinner with my friends in some cozy cafe sometimes. We like to attend different places in our city or just have a simple dinner together.

My future goals are

I am an optimistic person. My Love, I miss you so much! I am a very easy-going person. In spite of the necessity to adjust to the different roles, I always stay myself, I am sincere and frank with people who surround me.

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