Birth Date
8 / August / 1984
53 kg 130 lbs
The type of man that I desire

The man who can make me smile in the darkest days. About my family i have a nice and loving family - mother, father, me and little brother. I have achieved some important things in life and the biggest treasure i have is my daughter. Of course it's very demanding as well but i enjoy challenges. I love to watch movies :)

About my family

I guess, every woman does that! But I must admit that I have good relations with my dad) I think that it is so important to communicate with both parents. I attend gym three times a week and spend there around 1-2 hours. It was my dream to learn how to swim, and a year ago I began to visit swimming -pool. But I don't give up on love!

Domestic abilities

There is always a cozy atmosphere in my apartment. Since I was a small kid my mom used to teach me how to handle chores-) So I cannot be surprised by anything. I cook because I have to eat something--) It was a joke, but honestly I am not that big fan of cooking. That's why I always keep it clean and with the help of different decorations I try to make it cozy. But a great amount of love and tenderness inside me makes me very hospitable and welcoming :) I like when the house is full of guests and of course I can cook something special for them, because I like to treat people with something unusual and tasty :) But my best dish will be a cup of hot coffee for my future husband every morning :) I can do everything about the house. I love gardening. I do cleaning and cooking and the latter is my favorite house work:) Especially I am fond of baking:) What can be more delicious than a home baked pie, buns or muffins? My mother is a good cook, and I am proud of her, she has taught me a lot in the kitchen.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I like spending time with my friend and her family so much! :) It gives me much energy and pleasure and keeps me in a good shape! Few times a week I visit gym, It helps me to keep my body fit and to have a nice figure, which is so important for a lady -) I usually can find many other things as an interesting way to spend my time - cooking, travelling - all this makes me feel happier and richer! :) I am fond of flowers I have some flowerpots of roses. Yes,I am a very romantic person :) ) She is charming. I adore listening to music and dance.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She would be a perfect match. The lady is very active, friendly and goal-oriented. She has various interests and she can easily keep up a conversation on any topic. Svetlana is young and positive lady, she is interesting very communicative person, when you are talking to her you have the opinion that you are talking to the lady who knows what she wants from the life. Even if the weather is rainy, she smiles and hopes for the better, because she believes that after the rain there will be a rainbow. The one who really deserves the stars from the sky :) She is very tender and attentive.

How would I describe myself

When I think about relations, there is only one thought, I can give myself to the fullest to a person who would give me the same in return. I am an optimistic person. Singing is a part of my life. I don't want to talk much about how good am I. So if you think I look like the lady of your dreams – write me a letter and let's try building our future together --) however, I think it would be nice to be lazy with the right man close -) I am always different. I have many hobbies and interests.

My typical day

My every day is special for me because I start it with sweet smile. )))) After that if I am not too tired I can watch a movie or enjoy the talk by phone with one of my girlfriends)) after that I will go and enjoy my sleep to be rested for tomorrow. After I cook breakfast and I get ready for my studies. There I communicate to many people, and try to do my best to do my functions, as I am a very responsible person. My typical day starts very early with a glass of fresh orange juice. After work I go to my second training. right? Then we go for a walk in the park, do shopping and do some sports together.

My future goals are

I never hold any anger. I have many hobbies and interests. I am a very outgoing, easy-to-move person, I am merry and goal oriented. There's a saying: Behind every great man there's a great woman.

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