Birth Date
19 / June / 1983
50 kg 114 lbs
The type of man that I desire

And no one ever complained about it. Me and my husband will bring a new life in this world. Still, one thing is missing and that's exactly why i am here! I am searching for a smart man first of all. I truly think we should combine work and rest.

About my family

She knows what she wants from her life very well and she has a strong desire to build serious relationships with a man from abroad. and I consider myself as an interesting speaker. I miss my family very much. Yes, yes. I trust her and even now I can come to her and share everything that bothers me.

Domestic abilities

I love sushi, pizza, pastries, sweets, fruit, interesting salads, I like to make experiments in the kitchen. The main thing is support and desire to help. I like when there is order in my living place and everything is on its places. But a great amount of love and tenderness inside me makes me very hospitable and welcoming :) I like when the house is full of guests and of course I can cook something special for them, because I like to treat people with something unusual and tasty :) But my best dish will be a cup of hot coffee for my future husband every morning :) Since I was a small kid my mom used to teach me how to handle chores-) So I cannot be surprised by anything. I am very organized and my apartment is always neat and tidy. My brother also comes to live with me sometimes. So I try to cook dishes from cuisines all around the world. I write down interesting recipes or look for them through the Internet.

What I do in my leisure time?

I may say that my hobby is dancing. My favourite movies are "The devil's advocate" and "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door". I am a creative person, and I love whatever I can do with my own hands - cooking, knitting. starting with novels and finishing with literature on spirituality and alternative medicine. Yes, I love reading very much! Of course I like to go to the cinema and make party with my friends. I also plan to become busy making a nice man happier day after day.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She knows what she wants from her life and how to live it happily. She is self-confident and knows what she wants. She is very warmhearted, cute and tender. She dreams of meeting that special man, a man of her life! She is very pleasant, nice. Kind, honest and joyful girl. First of all, she is a great person.

How would I describe myself

And especially I need one special man – Man of my destiny – to be of one mind with him but not to lose our own individualities. better know me better and then you will have your own opinion, I do not like to praise myself. I am not perfect. I am always different. I like to read very much. Also I can describe myself as a real lady and lady needs his gentleman, who knows how to make his lady smile. I believe that when I will find my soul-mate I will love him once and for a lifetime. I am sure, it is important for a woman to be home oriented, soft and gentle.

My typical day

After the breakfast we go for a walk with our dog. I get up at 6 a. Then I work out a little, get ready and go to work. I feel that this is my place. I relax only on Sundays. In the evening I don't mind to cook a supper or make some house work. It is hard to describe my typical day, as I try to live every day as a unique one. I love to spend evenings with my kids.

My future goals are

I am open and kind. People act differently, but I believe that you must stay human whatever you would do. I like to motivate people. It's funny that my child's game has become my great hobby.

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