Birth Date
20 / May / 1991
55 kg 128 lbs
The type of man that I desire

You have to feel them! She has two kids and lives with her family. To find my soul mate and make him happy. I'm here with serious intentions and i want to find a reliable man with a good sense of humor, who will be free from previous relations. I adore sport and as i am rather a sporty girl.

About my family

She believes I need mature, and serious man. They say I'd be a good housewife) I live in a private house and it's rather big. It is great to finish a day with a thought you did something good today! They have never hurt me, and have always been trying to understand me and support me. I have very nice relationship with her and I can talk about everything with my mother.

Domestic abilities

I enjoy cooking and I hope I will be able to cook for my beloved man, as that is the cooking I dream of! I like to decorate my flat and to invent some new pretty and useful things for it. I adore to cook, especially to bake. As a woman, I do everything in my house. My closest friends are my cousins, so I try to do my best to create a nice and warm atmosphere in our place. I am not a mess, I know what it takes to be perfect in everything. I like washing dishes, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom. It is just like a hobby for me as well) And it is what I can do in my leisure time as well) Most of all, I like ironing) Maybe I just like smoothing things in life and make things simple. :) I am not an exception.

What I do in my leisure time?

I do not have much free time, because I have to combine my work with studying, but when I have some, I am trying to spend it with the use. Especially with people who are important to me. Still, when I have a spare day, hour or minute, I like reading, knitting and I spend a lot of time playing sports. I love dancing very much, it helps me to stay fit. I enjoy reading books too and I love to learn something new every day. I like to read books, meet with my friends to go out together but most of all I like nature, beautiful landscapes and fresh air, so I try to go to picnics regularly. I try to leave some time for something unexpected.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a little bit shy but it is very nice and rare feature of the girls' character nowadays. This is that very person, who is able to make happy the man who really deserves her. Lady is very positive and she is serious in everything. Very positive, pretty young lady with a big and loving heart. olya is a true lady - elegant, intelligent, feminine, tender and tactful. Very pretty. She is well-educated and polite.

How would I describe myself

I am serious, honest and romantic character) I want to share everything with my partner, even crazy stuff if I am really in love ))) I am open for life and I want enjoy my life with a real man in serious relationships. I am used to be strong to the life challenges, but I want to be tender and dependent to my man. I am a very attractive and sensitive woman. I am honest person and I love animals. What about my temper - I am not do spoiled and hot-tempered woman, but I am developing and I am the person for sure :) I can be very shy, but always honest. I'm a very active, friendly, kind and and positive young lady, who enjoys her life and who always treats other people in a nice way. I am a very outgoing, easy-to-move person, I am merry and goal oriented. I have a big and compassionate heart and I want to give my love and tenderness to my dear and loving person someday.

My typical day

First part of the day is pretty the same for me. My typical day includes morning exercises with optimistic and energy music. It takes a lot of time but ,nevertheless, I like to do it. Then I come back home and cook supper)). My working day passes quickly enough. I love pets very much and want to have a dog one day! I'm very happy that I can do it and my day always starts the best. I think, every person should have a time for relax, it makes us healthy.

My future goals are

I need someone to take care about and share life with. I will not be too modest:) I think I am caring, tender, beautiful, smart, purposeful and sexy:). I like to share my smiles with people and see that they are smiling at me back. But I do not think this is the significative of my young age.

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