Birth Date
20 / November / 1986
61 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

i would like to meet a mature, educated man who knows well about responsibility and ready to take it under his family. But i like to dance very much. when the weather is not good for walking, i cook and invite friends to share the dinner. My personal goals in life are to find my future husband and to create a strong family with him. Also i like to cook a lot, and am always trying to create something new and tasty.

About my family

I like to meet new people. He comes to visit us once a year and we are in really good relations, he was born and live nowadays in Ukraine. Still waiting for you. She is the person who gave me life, and I owe her. I clean and she cooks.

Domestic abilities

It is not a secret that I love to cook. I like to cook and to wash dishes, I also like to decorate my home :-). Imagine that I bake a wonderful cake or cookies for my one and only, and feed him when it is still hot. I do cleaning and cooking and the latter is my favorite house work:) Especially I am fond of baking:) What can be more delicious than a home baked pie, buns or muffins? My parents always like to travel together and I can be at home alone. Sometimes I think that my main duty is to give happiness to my relatives. I am fond of cooking. I can't say that I like or do not like doing something. All these things bring me a pleasure because everybody who comes to visit me notice my thrift and tell me about it.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I can't live without travelling. I love sports and I spend some time in the gym if I don't study. In my leisure time I also can go on nature or can prepare something tasty. He is fond of sports and I support his interest. I love reading interesting books or watching old romantic films, meeting with my friends or just walking in the park. I love all kinds of dancing:) Concerning cosmetology I can say it is my work. Have you heard about this?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It is very easy to communicate with her. She is hungry for real mutual love in her life. Oksana is a very positive lady, always smiles and brings happiness. She knows what she wants from her life and how to live it happily. The lady has great sense of humor and she is very kind and easy going. This lady is extremely positive, sociable and mysterious woman:) She can lead you there.

How would I describe myself

I would describe myself as a kind and responsive lady. I am so much optimistic and my sense of humor is absolutely perfect (as my friends say -) ). Now I understand that I can't live without music. But it is so short to live it alone! I am serious, purposeful, active, romantic and communicative girl. :) Who knows! I am a strong woman who wants to be weak next to a loving man. I am here because I am looking for a nice man who can change my life and make it even happier.

My typical day

After that we can spend free time together. After the dinner we are always drinking tea with cookies and talking about the events of the day. I need to get ready myself and my little daughter. Hopefully in future I will share it with my beloved man. I eat my breakfast, and do my morning girlie routines. I have breakfast with my granny and we talk for a while. I'm sure that I'm lucky one because I can combine my job as a fitness instructor with my own trainings and stay in a good shape! My typical day is rather an ordinary one) I wake up early and go to work.

My future goals are

I am an interesting interlocutor, you will never get bored with me. I think they develop closed abilities of your body. I like coffee, chocolate and ice-cream)) That is why I am so sweet:) I like to meet new people, to communicate and to share my positiveness with the people around. I am a young energetic girl.

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