Birth Date
20 / May / 1993
57 kg 126 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Nobody is perfect. Unconditionally and without any reasons. i believe in this world people meet not by accident - we always attract something that we have in ourselves. I like people with charisma, who are calm, who do not get angry easily. Get a much better idea of the lady's personality!

About my family

I find myself to be a pretty good looking girl, so I take pride in that. Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! I want to cook breakfast not only for me and my son, but also for my beloved. She is a teenager. Our personal opinion of this Lady Nina is very positive and smiling woman.

Domestic abilities

I'm sure that it's not a problem for me to make anything about the house when I listen to my favorite music. And after our "big clean day" I bake with my mother some delicious cake and have it with some hot tea. It's very important to feed children with healthy food. But anyway I hope to have you, my dear, as my personal inspirer to keep our homely warmth! As I have told before, I grew up in the village. -) There is a nice garden and kitchen-garden near our house and I like to help my mom with doing some work there sometimes. I am a good house keeper. I really like to take care of someone. Actually I like to do things about the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like cooking and I keep healthy way of life. I love life in all its manifestations, so the biggest hobby of mine is to enjoy life to the fullest! and breathe in unison? I also teach children German language and after my busy days I love to have a nice sleep. I love watching documentaries and reading books in my leisure time. I like reading very much. I like traveling and I have already visited many countries.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is waiting for her man and hope to be full of happiness with him in the future. She's dreaming about the perfect wedding. oksana is a mature and kind-hearted woman, who will give you a helping hand any time. The one who really deserves the stars from the sky :) Lady is fun and has good sense of humour. Sveta is a great looking woman who is in search for love. Galina is a very interesting girl, her smile gives everyone, who is around her, supply of energy.

How would I describe myself

I am kind, positive and caring girl. I'm a self-confident woman, I will not tolerate lies, because I do not lie! Where are you? I like art and I try to be the part of it. So I am not like that. But I believe my singing is not that bad. And I am ready to change that awful situation. I have an open, positive and mischievous character.

My typical day

When I have a day off I prefer to sleep longer :-) My mother is rather old so I help her with cooking and I do all the chores. Each new dress is a new invocation for me, and every time I put a piece of my soul in each new dress. Typically I wake up early, make myself a breakfast and take a shower. Usually it starts very early with doing exercises and making a breakfast. Then I like to cook breakfast and go to work where I have a lot of communication with customs who are waiting for me with smiles. My days are rather busy. My work takes big part of the day. I like reading so after doing my daughter's home work, I like to get under the blanket and read a book.

My future goals are

I am still young, but I feel that I am wise enough and I know what is really important in our life. I am like a book with many stories. I am very reasobable and try to think over all my decisions well. Very often people think that grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

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