Birth Date
18 / February / 1996
49 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It is really great when you want to be together even when for a few minutes. My father takes care about my mom. Sometimes i can meet with my close friends to have a cup of tea or chocolate to enjoy our time at the cafe. I try to start my day with positive emotions and smile ) I am looking for smart, polite, confident, cheerful and charismatic man who will always love, care about me, understand and respect me.

About my family

If you want to know me better, ask me, that’s not all…Lady about herself I am different from others, I am unique and individual. Lady about herself I'm an easy-going, intelligent and loyal person. I am trusty person so don`t like when people lie to me. I like to spend evening in different ways. My future goals are I dream to have strong and loving family, cozy home, favorite work that will bring me not only money but pleasure.

Domestic abilities

Just imagine me doing this :) I don't like mess at home, so try to clean my apartment every day. Everything))) And I try to be angel of the hearth. Especially if I haven't seen them for ages! But best of all I like to see my home beautiful and I have many flowers and plants in it! Like every Russian woman I can do everything about the house. I am a very good housewife! I like doing the domestic abilities and it brings me pleasure. I can not stand dirt, so I always keep my house clean, tidy and cozy.

What I do in my leisure time?

So, I try my best to get everything I can from this life. I'm very communicative person and very often having day off I spend some hours with my friends. I myself am a very quiet and simple girl and I want to have a very simple family life. So I agree that you can allow yourself to rest when you know you have done something today, something good for yourself, family, friends, society, no matter:) No matter how busy I can be with work or some other abilities I always try to find time for myself, my hobbies and my friends. Often we go with friends to play bowling, or to ride a bike. I love beads-working. I have very beautiful voice, so that's why I'm singing different songs.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Tamila is kind, smiling, well-mannered and polite person. She has really serious intentions and is ready to make some steps toward her happy life. She will surely make some man happy one day! She looks like the sun ray! She seems to be a very kind, mature and an amiable lady. She is very tidy, careful and smart. Her facial expression tells us she has really kind soul.

How would I describe myself

Sport is very important in my life. And it is your decision whom to be, the main hero who loves, falls, stands up, takes a risk and wins. I am a good listener and respectful to others. I can always listen to another person and help without expecting anything in return. I saw beautiful places and had a nice experience of communicating with different people . :) I want in the end of my life to be able to look back and see my life meaningful and complete. I believe love and peace will save the world :) I am a very open-minded person.

My typical day

Sometimes I go back to bed after that but usually I do not have time for that because I work around the house and cook. My evening I usually dedicate to my mom and to my friends. I'm working as a sales representative. When I feel depressed I like to sit somewhere near the water and to watch the clouds. I do my work, communicate with people and present my smile and positive feelings to others. But I love to help them to make the right choice. Then I read something and fall asleep. I usually get up rather early, as I like to start my day with the first rays of the sun.

My future goals are

I never give up and I always do everything to achieve my goals. I can be different: funny, adventurous, mysterious and open-hearted. I love Spirituality Practices. I'm looking for a life partner, a nice man who will share my views and who is pursuing defiite goals in life.

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