Birth Date
3 / August / 1992
61 kg 112 lbs
The type of man that I desire

To cook tasty dishes, to clean up, to do the laundry - no problem! We'll have a wonderful and exotic rest here! I like to spend time close to nature, on the seashore in summer and skying in winter. Lady about herself what can i say, i like this life and i take all chances to learn more about the world. domestic abilities i am an excellent cook.

About my family

I like to spend time outdoors with my dog, I like nature a lot. I have friendly and kind family. Sometimes I spend time while watch documentary films and soap operas. Maybe that's why first time I have chosen wrong man who broken my heart. But the ideal woman for me is my grandmother.

Domestic abilities

I can do everything around the house but the most I enjoy looking after my plants and also to cook))) I am really a nice cook and I hope that soon you will be able to try my dishes)) I have a feeling that you will love them))) I can say for sure that I make any place better wherever I am. When I have some spare time, I like doing something for my home: to change interior, to sew or knit, especially cooking. I'm a real woman - I like everything to be perfect and beautiful. Every woman should be oriented to create comfort in her house. Cleaning and washing is not a problem for me too, I would love to do it for my own family, for my husband and kids. I do everything about the house by myself. The favourite part of the house for me is kitchen! I do not like to keep a lot of old things or things I do not need anymore.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a Russian woman and our women are famous for their patience and ability to be busy with something all the time. I have many friends and I like to spend my leisure time with them. He is very active and funny and waggish. I am an active person and I need to spend my free time going out, one of the reasons of it is that I do not have an active job. I read and reread so many books and I always need more. I am fond of dances. I like studying something new, but that doesn't mean that I am a light minded person who doesn't know what she wants.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is optimistic and can keep a conversation on any topic. It's very hard to find such a sincere, honest, kind, reliable, faithful and sweet lady like anna. She shared her experience and good mood with all of us! Very pleasant opinion - smart and cheerful lady. She is a kind of woman who is too shy sometimes to express her thoughts and feelings. Some man would be very lucky to meet a woman like her! Lady is extremely positive and enthusiastic.

How would I describe myself

I love life and love to help people. I am honest woman with an open heart, but my soul is still missing its other half. :):) I am pretty sure my choice will appreciate my inner world cause I am not only beautiful but wise and want what real man needs. I have many hobbies and interests. I have everything in my life except beloved man. Open, full of life. I am honest and sincere, I hope to find a man who will share my family values. My life motto to treat people the way you want them to treat you.

My typical day

After work I go to gym. I get up very early, as I need to get ready for my work. It is just for myself I think it will do me good in future. And in the evening I like to relax and to make plans for the next working day. and I understand that it is a wonderful. I like my work, I communicate with different people the whole day and it brings me joy. Unfortunately I can't meet with them every day. Because it's so cute to receive a short message 'I miss you, honey' from your partner during a work day, right?

My future goals are

I am a quite energetic lady who has a kind heart and an open soul. :) I enjoy every moment of my life and try to stay positive. In the evening I always cook dinner for me, and my father`s family. I am tender and kind, funny and serious, I love life and I want to find my soulmate to be completely happy together.

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