Birth Date
26 / December / 1993
47 kg 109 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I cannot stand drunk people. My typical day typical day is really typical, it consists of work from 9 in the morning and end of it after 5 in the evening. I believe that such things will provide happy and long lasting relations. They grow vegetables and fruits. That is why i am here.

About my family

Also I like to spend my evening time by reading some interesting book or see some good film. My brother and I started working early and we did our best to make the life of our beloved mother easier! I was born in Lutsk and lived here all my life besides the time I had been studying at the university in Ternopil. She was able to gather all the members of the family together. The type of man that I desire My biggest desire is to have a decent and sincere man near me.

Domestic abilities

And by the way, she says my dishes are really sooo tasty. I also like to cook very much, and I always experiment with food in order to cook something special, unusual and tasty. then I should admit that it's of course cooking! I love to make my home cozy and warm and my beloved man will be able to appreciate it because he will feel the comfort and warmth around him! I just turn the music on and clean the house, wash the dishes, do laundry and cook. Just imagine, I am in the most dusty house, and in few hours it sparkles and shines. I take care of my home plants and would like to have some home pets which I would like to keep and care about. Do you want to change your life? I think it is difficult to tell that to cook is a hobby.

What I do in my leisure time?

One day I can be a leader organizing an active leisure for my friends (involving some sports) while another day I like to have a calm rest reading a book and watching movies (comedies to have a fun or some romantic films to dream about my man. Most of all I like inventing new meals. My leisure time I spend with a good movie or a good book. I have badger-dog which takes all my free time -) I have friends who make me happy, dog doesn't let me be bored but I am here to find man who will brighten my life with :) Also, having some pets means that I have to dedicate some of my time to them. I like to go shopping with my friend or with my mother:) Of course I want to go shopping with my second half, because I know that beloved can be the best adviser:) Also I like weaving from beads, I like to sing and going to karaoke clubs:) I can find what to do even in the night:) I like to watch films when I have an insomnia at night:) Must say this is not that fun to travel alone and of course it would be better to travel with a second half, but this will happen some day.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is serious and independent. Alyona is a very lovely lady. This lady is young enough, but despite this she is very intelligent and mature. Some man would be very lucky to meet a woman like her! It feels like there are no bad days in her life, she is always smiling. It is easy to find common language with. She will be a perfect wife and caring mother.

How would I describe myself

I'm positive and I'm sure that everybody deserves happiness. I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you. I can imagine us walking holding hands in the rain. I would like to meet the man whom I can give all my love and care. I am positive and I like enjoying every moment of life:) I know what I am looking for and I will achieve my goals:) Do you like woman that takes care about her health and beauty? I am a sincere and open person. to smile :) and to make other people happy :) I am an altruist by nature, I love to help others.

My typical day

I also can walk outdoors with my son before sleep, it helps to see sweet dreams at nights! My typical day is rather an ordinary one) I wake up early and go to work. -) Then I go to work. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. When I have no dance classes I go to the theater or to the cinema or to the party with my friends. I manage to find the time for dancing, cycling when weather allows it and for other hobbies. Sometimes when I really have a good mood I turn the music on and start dancing. My work takes a lot of time, but I like to be responsible and busy!

My future goals are

This is the only one aim I have at the moment. I like to travel very much that is why I am occupied as the tourism manager, but the most important for me is my future family, which I hope awaits for me in the near future. I'm single-minded, have an ability to reach the top. I am exactly that person) But I really like flowers, especially orchids and roses.

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