Birth Date
7 / June / 1982
51 kg 133 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I will appreciate his sense of humor. We will work for the benefit of our future family and will dream of cute kids. I am a sweet tooth and my great weakness is tasty deserts which i like to cook myself for the whole family! She is very sociable and open. And my daughter yulia lives and studies in warsaw, poland.

About my family

I hope my future husband will share my views and we'll be as a unit! She is very serious in her intentions and she wants to find a man who would value her as a woman and person. And my younger sister is delightful! But I have very close relationships with my mother. He is the seventh member of our great family.

Domestic abilities

Actually it doesn't matter what to do in house it is more important you do it in house full of love and understanding. :) I like everything to be clean, but that's no wonder, all doctors do. I like keeping home clean. I am keeping all my mother's old recipes. I can and I like to do all about the house. I do everything myself about the house. Also I am fond of redecorating my place and shifting the furniture - some changes can't do any bad! I like very much to take care about flowers. I believe it is the first step for healthy lifestyle.

What I do in my leisure time?

Our life is just wonderful! :) As you can see I'm rather attractive girl. Last year I discovered for myself Latin dances and now I'm in love with it. But also I enjoy to spend time with my friends in the cinema or cafe. I want to impress my man with my dishes. My days can be different and I like to spend my free time in a different way. I also love to travel.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Optimistic and positive lady in any situation, what is very rare in nowadays. She is easy to talk to. Myroslava is very energetic and charismatic! Joyful lady who tries to take everything from her life. Katerina is very attractive,sociable and ambitious woman with great sense of humor. She is so shy, so natural and so naive! Nice, simple and smiling lady.

How would I describe myself

I like sports and I lead a healthy way of life. I love my kids and there is never a day when I am not happy to be a mother. I am a sincere and cheerful person! I am very romantic and sensitive and I am a very tender and caring person. I'm a very active, friendly, kind and and positive young lady, who enjoys her life and who always treats other people in a nice way. I always try to do my best. I enjoy spending my free time outside. I consider myself as a calm, kind, open and easy-going lady.

My typical day

It helps to divert my attention from discomfort in a stuffy bus. There I work with people, tell them about cosmetics and help them to choose the right products. At the weekend we usually go out and try to spend more time outdoors. Shower is my every day ritual, which starts and ends my day. In the weekends we usually go to the cinema or have some other entertainments! During the day I deal with my clients at work, help my parents about the house and also play with my daughter. I like my breakfast to be healthy that is why I prefer some oatmeal with bananas and some other fruits. I wake up very early and cook breakfast for my mother and for myself, then I go to my work, I usually work 12 hours so after I go directly home and relax after a working day with hot shower, for me it's a kind of ritual.

My future goals are

I like Orchids and roses. I am a very outgoing, easy-to-move person, I am merry and goal oriented. My thoughts always correspond to my actions. I am active, positive, friendly and open-minded.

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