Birth Date
15 / May / 1990
53 kg 109 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I imagine my man to be kind, intelligent, well-educated, caring, attentive and of course devoted to our uni0n that we both will carefully build! I want to find my real soul-mate here, a man who will become my love, my passion, my everything. I am not an exception. Then i go to work. But the most important is to fall in love first.

About my family

I must say that I come from a very united family that gave me real values, taught respect, love and justice. My parents live in the countryside, so visiting them is always a pleasure. Well, I can associate my family with a little nice island where all people have complete mutual understanding and trust. Respect, understanding and honesty are the foundation bricks of my family life. If I have a day-off, I go to museum to admire our heritage.

Domestic abilities

I would surely get gardening if I had my own garden. I'm good at cooking. I do receive pleasure when I clean because I like everything to be in order and in right places. I like to clean my house and do it very often. -) Of course, I usually keep my apartment clean and tidy. Since childhood I recognized that my mom needs some help in the household tasks and I took a part of work around the house. My apartment is always clean and tidy. I write down interesting recipes or look for them through the Internet. That's why I should know how to run the household chores.

What I do in my leisure time?

You can hardly find me sitting in front of the TV for hours or laying in my bed till the late afternoon, it's not for me. I like to neat, to go to the gym, to keep fit, to socialize with friends, to help others and to be around when I am needed :) I believe every day brings us some experience and every day we learn something new and useful! When I dance - I live! I like to keep an active life position - when I have a free time I do some sport (aerobics. If you come I would like to show you my pictures. :) I would like my man to be with me. That is why I just adore active rest.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She knows how to look beautiful. And like a flower gives its beauty to a gardener, she will give all her sincerity, tenderness and love to the one who knows how to take care of her. She will be dedicated to her family. The lady is a very pleasant person with whom you can find a common language very easy. Her pureness could be compared to expensive porcelain which can be broken from one rough touch. well-groomed, neat appearance, confident gait. This lady is serious, she is looking not only for love partner for herself but a good father for her kids.

How would I describe myself

I am a very loyal and trustworthy friend, an attentive listener and loving lady. Yes, I like to sit on the beach and to look at the stars on the sky. I cannot imagine my life without the explosion of emotions! But it is so short to live it alone! I'm an open-minded and friendly person. My friends say I am the sunshine. I have many hobbies and interests and I am proud of myself. I am a pretty happy woman, but my heart is lonely!

My typical day

I enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee and having small breakfast and after some little time of enjoying the coffee I go to work) I like my work) I work in the Zoo and as you can understand I love animals. I usually get up early. I cook dinner and try to relax after a long day: listen to pleasant music, read a book or go for a simple walk with my friends. I need to confess that I like to sleep deeply and long. I try to clean my flat every day and I am a pretty good cook, especially if someone likes to eat something sweet and flour confectionery)I learn cooking, I guess it is unlimited delicious world! We have a walk with our dog and the end of our day is usually calm and relaxing. Do I really have to do this? Every my day starts with jogging.

My future goals are

I live in a wonderful and ancient city called Lviv. I am very positive and active person. I do believe in finding a nice man for me and I dream about that every day and my eyes will always sparkle with happiness! I do believe in finding a nice man for me and I dream about that every day and my eyes will always sparkle with happiness!

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