Birth Date
3 / October / 1986
51 kg 101 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I teach him to help a woman in keeping household:) I would like for our relationship to be the sort of loving, trustworthy relationship that everyone aspires to have. I am searching for a smart man first of all. Pay attention that the lady's native town is dobropolye, when the meeting is going to take place with her it will be in the other city, where our branch office is. Domestic abilities as i live alone, i do everything by myself-

About my family

I also practice sport actively, I go to the gym and swimming-pool regularly. It is so pleasant to make a cup of tea or coffee, open a window and just listen to the silence of the city. I have always dreamed of becoming a singer or an actress because of my lively facial expressions. Having a strong friendly and supportive family is my biggest life goal. I think that a true man is the one who knows how to treat his lady, who has rich inner World and high family values.

Domestic abilities

When it comes to celebration of something, I am the one who will cook everything. I like cooking very much. As any girl, I like cooking, finding some exotic receipts and so on. I like to cook, but it would be nice if my man could also surprise me with something special. I am sure that the real woman should not be afraid of such things. Also I like cooking, to invent something new in cooking is an aim of mine for every day ) It is very interesting and fascinated for me to bake. I like to read and I have many books. I am not a mess, I know what it takes to be perfect in everything. I like my home, and it is a pleasure for me to make it look really great.

What I do in my leisure time?

Or I may decide to stay at home and read nice book, listen to pleasant music or watch TV. I can visit a night club with my soul mate but I am not a fan of crowded and noisy places. I also like nature and outdoors. I also knit pretty well and practise yoga. I like to create different stuff on my own and it brings me a big pleasure. Once I read a great piece of advice in some book, it says that we need to devote more time to the things we really like to do, and it can change our life in a positive way. If you are one of my friends, be sure you'll never have dull moments with me, but be more than just a friend!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It is nice to talk with her. Inga is a very open lady, you can find yourself talking with her about everything and there is something special in her shyness. She is sensual and just look into her eyes, you will literally lose control))) She got used to some moral values which she will never betray and will always cherish family traditions in her mind. she is nice girl, with keen sense of humor, pretty good looking and seems to be serious in her search. There are plenty of topics she can discuss. The lady is very lovely, talkative and responsible.

How would I describe myself

My future goals are I want to find a good father for my daughter! I'm an active, communicative and full of enthusiasm lady who is ready for changes in her life. and all we can do is to wait until these events happen in our life. I don't like noisy companies. I'm fond of my work. I absolutely adore nature and animals. I try to find good in everything that happens. I believe in feminity and my passion is to help to other people.

My typical day

My usual day starts very early in the morning - at around 5 AM. )) Agree? And this is one of the main rules for me. I am early riser. Maybe it’s surprisingly, but I like to devote some time to physical drill in the evening. My day always ends with bedtime reading and wishing sweet dreams to my kids. My day always begins with jogging at the stadium, and then I take a shower and prepare my breakfast! I try to enjoy every moment of my life.

My future goals are

Why not! I can compare myself to a rose. I am a good mother, I think…I like to meet new people) I am an easy-going and positive person) I am a lady who was heartbroken and who is looking for her destiny. I am not the one to be shy even if I don't sound perfect.

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What other descriptions are possible.

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