Birth Date
6 / May / 1997
60 kg 124 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I'm fond of reading and i like to improve myself and to get to know something new every day. I am not a little girl any more and i know for sure that a man i want to live my whole life with should be caring and loving. I am conservative person and i like when everything is in order. I know that i have a very kind, loving and passionate nature, and i need my chosen one to join me for a happy life. And i will be able to achieve this only in love!

About my family

I also hope he will be as passionate about life as I am. Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! Also, I have an elder brother who is also living on his own. Every minute is a treasure! To enjoy and appreciate every moment of our life) In addition to that, I would like to improve my English knowledge in order to be able to communicate without any efforts)Lady about herself I am decent, respectable, fair, always open for new acquaintances.

Domestic abilities

Makes it look more lively. I was brought up with such ideas and I'll folow it up to the end of my life. Most of all I adore growing flowers. I love to keep my home clean, love cooking. I enjoy looking after the flowers as it makes me feel relaxed and calm. While living alone I have learned how to fix different things around the house. I like to do things round the house. I am not a lazy lady. I like cooking a lot!

What I do in my leisure time?

I also think that every woman should pick out some time during her usual day for taking care of herself. I am active lady and I always like to have fun. I never miss any premiere! My favorite piece of music is "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig Van Beethoven. I like to watch movies. Also I like to spend free time with my daughter. I have enough free time as I'm a student.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She dreams about happy family and children. She speaks quiet but her tender voice is what you want to keep hearing and enjoying. We wish her all the best in her search of her beloved one. Maybe, it is because of her love to dances. She is a real optimist. She is family oriented and responsible. She has a bright smile and good sense of humor.

How would I describe myself

Singing is also my hobby and I have a beautiful voice. Hard worker, truth teller, I just love my life and count my blessings every day. I am sincere, open, honest and pretty woman. I am never offended by people because I am used to analyze their actions. When I don’t have dancing classes, I meet my friends or go home and cook something delicious. I dream to have pets in my apartment but now I am too busy to take care of them. I'm a calm, steady person. And this makes me different from others)

My typical day

I really like my job. Not so long ago I've got a certificate and started to work as a masseur. My day starts from making breakfast for myself and my son, later I take him to kindergarten and go for work. Then I dedicate my time to sports, activities, and of course education. In the morning I take a shower, have breakfast, then I go to the University. Usually I get up, take a shower, have my breakfast and go to work. The classes finish at 3 pm and I go to have my late lunch and rest a little. In the morning I like jogging in the park or near the local lake if I do not have to go to work early.

My future goals are

My heart is open to help people, to support them. -) I know that my family will always be on the first place for me. I am a very communicative person, I am also a good friend and a good listener. I am like a book with many stories.

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Sex and dating after divorce