Birth Date
4 / May / 1993
53 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like camping, travelling and sure going in for sport:) Right is someone who likes to dream, laugh a lot, and forget about everything when he falls in love! When i have a chance to go out with friends to karaoke. In my free time i go to the dance school and i learn there how to dance bachata, jazz-funk and latin dance. So i want to be with a person who can make me smile.

About my family

My family is very friendly)) An integral part of our relationship are trust, respect and good mood! What I do in my leisure time? :)This text will be replacedSee her fascinating movements and charming smile. They gave me the best idea about family life. I enjoy spending time in a warm family circle with my close people.

Domestic abilities

I used to live on my own since I was 20, so I know how to cook, to clean and keep my home in order. :) From cooking to ironing and it brings me joy when I see clean and tidy apartment! When my flat is clean and bright I feel happy. I am not fond of domestic abilities, but I love to keep everything clean and to have tidiness in my home and life. Since I was a schoolgirl, I had to take care of my younger sister. I like to water flowers, make small decorations and to be the main at the kitchen:) My room-mates are good girls, they like to take cake of our home but I'm boss:))) They don't mind"))) But most of all I enjoy cooking. I know how to create it and I know that I would always be ready to add coziness to anything I do. I adore when my daughter helps me to do something in the house - I like teaching her to do everything.

What I do in my leisure time?

As for the weekend, I always try to make my holidays interesting and exciting to forget about daily routine. I'm always happy when there is an opportunity to dance! If it is summer I have a great time outside. I am very active and curious girl. Maybe we could set a little competition? Even when I am at home, I am not bored. Adore visiting cinema because think it creates special atmosphere and it is more fun to watch.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Positive sunny lady with a shinning smile. She has some dreams and goals and she will certainly achieve them. She always does everything with ease, never fights or argues, never tackles and never betrays. She has an irresistable smile and once you meet her you feel her positive energy. katenka is an amazing woman! Svetlana is young and positive lady, she is interesting very communicative person, when you are talking to her you have the opinion that you are talking to the lady who knows what she wants from the life. She is your invitation to the heaven.

How would I describe myself

Well, nobody is perfect but I learn new things with every coming day and that makes me better. It's difficult to catch me in a bad mood, I'm positive! My heart is open to help people, to support them. I am loving, caring and understanding person. When I have more free time, I like to ride a bicycle and to skate. I am cheerful and tender, optimist and responsible. My future goals are I want to find a good father for my daughter! I am not afraid to be a good wife and a good mother.

My typical day

The rest of my spare time I spend watching my favorite serial. He would be professional driver very soon. I have to get ready for my lessons at the university. I go in for sport and study English language. I work in shifts so sometimes I finish my working day in the afernoon and sometimes in the evening. I like to go for a walk in order to keep fit, visit gym, go dancing. When I am at home I like to have a relaxing bath and watch some interesting film. From time to time I go to a swimming pool after working.

My future goals are

I consider myself to be a good person. I'm waiting for you. I am a direct person and I say what I think. I think that I have a good sense of humor.

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