Birth Date
26 / September / 1998
53 kg 115 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Who can make me laugh and who will let me be myself beside him. Nadya is wonderful, intellectually rich person, loving person, and we think, that her future husband will never regret of his choice. it's intriguing like finding an unknown world. I have a sister, a mother and a father. I am very romantic person and believe that we all deserve to be happy.

About my family

))) I always dreamt to have a brother or a sister and I hope that in future I will have a big and nice family with my beloved man. As I live with my mom and my daughter. The type of man that I desire I would like to meet kind, responsible, attentive man with good sense of humor. Then I take her to the kindergarten and go to work. I adore playing with my niece.

Domestic abilities

What can I say about my domestic abilities. It's veeery delisious. I don't like wrinkled clothes. I need my house to be neat and I demand this from myself. And no jokes, I really like it on the daily basis :) I like to cook unusual dishes out of usual food and all my experiments are successful! I have always loved to make my home bright and cozy. :) I would not say I love cleaning but I dislike mess in my house even more so it is always clean. I try to do my best to be a good housewife. My parents always like to travel together and I can be at home alone.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like sport, most of all jogging early in the morning, then I take a cold shower) It helps to stay young and peppy. When I have free time I try to do something nice because I don't like wasting my time. I like to travel, to spend my time with friends, to enjoy nature. I also enjoy going to movies and theatres. I like to meet new people. If you need a partner during your hiking trips, here I am. I don't like bars or some other public places, especially at weekdays.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She brings a beauty and a light. katy is very cheerful and open-minded lady, she is very kind and creative, she can be a designer not only of the house, but also of your life, we think that such lady can make your life very special and outstanding Her smile is very mesmerizing. This lady can be called a real goddess of the home-fire. And she doesn’t seem to fight against her demons… she has definitely chosen her niche and now she is simply enjoying everything she has in her life. It's pleasure to communicate with her, when she starts speaking with you. Intelligent, strong and at the same time weak.

How would I describe myself

We have a lot of traditions and I would be happy to share all of them with you. I am cheerful, sensitive, love life and pets. I am a dreamer, hopeless romantic and tender lady, I want to be someone's happiness and love. Also I am very kind and adore animals. I know that my life has the only one way. better know me better and then you will have your own opinion, I do not like to praise myself. I never give up and I always do everything to achieve my goals. I think that actions speak louder than words.

My typical day

I begin every day as a new period of my life. I can't answer directly. After work I'm in a hurry to be at home and just to relax and to leave all the day problems outside the door. After all this university life I like going to the fitness center, I like to make my body better every day. Then I communicate with my child, and try to get more about her gains and about news that have happened in her life during the day. My typical evening is passing by reading books, gym or taking the rest after a long day. I start my day with a cup of fresh juice and a smile. I always have so many plans , so I try to distribute my time.

My future goals are

Would you like to read such a book? That's why health and happiness of beloved people is the most important for me. I am the lady you can't get bored with. I have many hobbies and interests.

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