Birth Date
2 / July / 1983
52 kg 104 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I love my family and want to have as strong family as my parents do. Our personal opinion of this lady yuliya is calm and sensible lady. I want him to be sincere and generous. My typical day i wake up early in the morning, take a shower and do my regular mother duties. Don't hide anything from each other.

About my family

It is impossible to take away the eyes from her when she looks at you. This text will be replacedSee her fascinating movements and charming smile. I live with my 2 daughters) We are very close with them) When people look at us they say that we look like sisters, especially with my older daughter. I like to watch interesting movies such as ‘The Pursuit of happiness’, ‘Hachiko: A Dog’s Story’ and ‘A Thousand Words’. It consists of my mother, father and me.

Domestic abilities

I take care of my parrot, a very talkative and friendly bird that likes to have something tasty for a snack. I don’t buy it often but once I got it I cherish it as a treasure and care after it as a pet). I love to take care of flowers, I dream about my own garden. Three of us enjoy play with him. I mean everything women should know how to do. I have always liked creating coziness in my home. As far as I live alone, I do all the house work by myself and I do it with pleasure. I enjoy cooking very much and think that even a wolf can turn into a lamb when it is well fed --) Haha :) Cooking is my hobby so I can make not only Russian traditional dishes.

What I do in my leisure time?

I also love music, sometimes I play piano, you know music always helps me to relax) There is a place in Sumy, my favorite cafe where there is live music, so I love to come there, and enjoy it with a cocktail. :) Also I like to meet with my friends, to go for a walk and to listen to a good music. For example, I'm studying Spanish now. When the weather is bad I prefer to stay at home and enjoy reading an interesting book or watching some romantic movie :) When I have a special mood I like to listen to nice music. I prefer historical books and psychology. A lot of work makes me appreciate free time and use it fully! I adore animals and I have two cats, a dog and a hamster so I spend a lot of time walking with my dog.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Due to her wisdom she understands how to solve any issue diplomatically, that's why she is pleasant to deal with and to be around. Julia is very calm and pleasant person. ))) she is a very active, merry, kind and tender lady. Gentle and very kind. A lady who knows what she wants in life and who achieves her goals. She is tired of loneliness and needs real man in her life. She can fascinate you with her smile.

How would I describe myself

And now, when I look at all that I have written, I am thinking that probably you are already tired and bored to read that all. I am kind, loving and sensual woman. I know how to love, and I'm ready to share my feelings with someone special. I have enough of romantics for both of us, you only need to accept it and and be able to appreciate it. Smart, funny, intelligent, curious! I am cheerful, positive and honest, kind and tender lady. I am very honest and I will NEVER lie to my future beloved man. Also I go in for sport, I participate in competitions in bench pressing.

My typical day

and every day is new , because I do not do the same things all the time , and this makes every day to be much more interesting for me. Someone can say it is a boring job, but I like people I work with, so I enjoy working. I consider my work very creative one, so I enjoy the time I spend at work. I work in beauty salon and at home also. dream that when being together with my special man, we will finish our days with sweet kisses. My baby doll wakes me up at 7 am. I am trying to be very attentive to his study. I usually visit gym or fitness.

My future goals are

Are you the one I am searching for? I believe in one woman man and vice versa. I like animals very much and sometimes I work as a volunteer at the animal shelter. I like the word Yes and I wish I could be like the hero of the movie "Always say Yes" and I truly believe that everything that happens, happens for reason.

Sample dating profiles for single moms

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Sample dating profiles for single moms