Birth Date
5 / January / 1998
54 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

At the same time i want him to be realistic and hard working. I know that first of all happiness for me means being together with the man who cares about me, who is interested in my life and who is sharing every day his tenderness and affection with me . I try to get out with my friends to the nature as often as possible. We live together! If inner world is rotten, all the beauty of body will not be so desirable!

About my family

We are very close. My future goals are My first goal is to build a strong family, founded on love, trust and care, that is my dream. Lady about herself Look around yourself. I hope you like sports as much as I do. I have my mother, sister and four brothers.

Domestic abilities

I think, my mom read this very long time ago! But I love to take care of them and I hope they feel the same to me. I am sure that I will be a very good housewife as any house work is a pleasure for me. I'm especially good at baking cakes. :) I do my best to be a real housekeeper. Especially dietic food for my child. but I do not give up and try to become excellent cook! I believe that the way you keep the house shows what kind of person you are. My specialty is cooking veal medallions under aromatic mustard sauce :).

What I do in my leisure time?

It is my favorite game. I love my family and all my friends. I teach him to help a woman in keeping household:) Some evenings I can spend sitting on a sofa and reading a book. I like to stay active. But definitely I find it on what I need and like. And so now I can even work as a life guard) My other biggest dream is to learn photography). I also like to cook something tasty and I like to try some new recipes when I have time for them.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

When you meet her, you want to live and enjoy your life. That's the only thing she can't forgive. To sum everything up, she is a very interesting person and a woman of varied attainments. She acts like a lady, looks like a model and her eyes are fascinating. Now it is necessary to wait due till it is safe for her to outside the city. Nice, tender and kind. She is very interested in searching and finding the second half for the rest of her life.

How would I describe myself

I can say that sometimes I talk a lot but that is always what is important! Sociable, intelligent, with a good sense of humor. I like smiling as I think a smile can make a day better even when it is raining day -) I am very active lady and I have a lot of activities, I adore communication and it makes my life more bright. I like so much to dance and sport occupies a great part in my life. If I do something I do it as good as I can! Do you want to join me? I have to admit that it is a pretty hard task to describe myself but I will try as I want you to have much more understanding about me. Bad truth is better than a sweet lie.

My typical day

I also can walk outdoors with my son before sleep, it helps to see sweet dreams at nights! Sometimes I also find the time for art and being the model for my friends who adores photography. I do yoga for many years, so it is the part of my life. All my day is dedicated to my son. Dinner we are trying to cook together with my mother when I am able to spend evenings at home. Every day brings something very new and different to me. I'm a student, so on work days I study hard:). After work I like to spend time with my friends or simply at home, cooking something tasty, reading a book or watching TV.

My future goals are

I am a great mother and an attractive woman. If you think you are here for the same reason, let us give it a chance together then, you and I. Do you agree with these statements? I always ready to help my close people.

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