Birth Date
28 / April / 1995
51 kg 114 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I need a loyal and good person near me. I like to make my home cosy. I am looking for a kind, positive and sincere man. hopefully i will find my self-confident, caring, responsible, strong-minded man and especially i am dreaming about a man with a great sense of humor :) It depends on quantity of work i have to do.

About my family

My mom brought me and my brother up on her own. My mother is very calm, kind and understanding woman while my father is more emotional, hardworking and spontaneous. I want to have the same friendly and loving family on my own! And that's my primary goal. One of my favorite kinds of spending my free time is camping.

Domestic abilities

Everything one can imagine:-) Every weekend I make a big clean-up with the vacuum cleaner, I wash the windows and I take care of my flowers as well. That is something I could never stop experimenting on and would love to pamper my future beloved with. Also I like when everything is clean and neat, so I am paying much attention to the cleanliness on the house. I like to care about our home, about our pets and my family. Who wants to check? But, as I think, all Russian women I can do everything about the house:) Actually it is very interesting process, even my little princess takes a part in it with a big pleasure. I hope when you try my dishes you will be the happier man in the world!

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a young single mother of two lovely kids, so I almost have no idea what is free time-), but I think I am very lucky, because I managed to combine one of my hobbies and my job, so I make beautiful handicrafts and organize the different expositions in Ukraine and also abroad. So, what I can tell you about my leisure time is I do not simply have it. I go to the cinema rather often and I like watching different movies- Cooking is my favorite thing to do- I am an active person. I visit fitness club to keep myself fit. I'm fond of psychology and trainings. And on the weekends I spend time with my family and friends.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very open, she's not a shy one. Vita is a kind, tenderness, sincerity and good lady who wants to have serious and long loving relationships! She has a positive attitude toward life. She does not have any excessive demands and care and attention are the most important things for her. The lady likes to smile and to help other people. This lady is young, beautiful, active, sportive and always smiling. Irina is a beautiful and a smiling lady, seems like she's always in a good mood.

How would I describe myself

As a person I consider myself to be a confident and strong personality. My motto is 'Never be sad, because life is too beautiful for wasting time for sadness! Of course I will support him too, that`s why we need a family actually. Like every woman I like attention but I am very devoted too myself. I have to admit that it is a pretty hard task to describe myself but I will try as I want you to have much more understanding about me. I am willing to help anyone at any time, I support and help to orphans and disabled kids in my city! I have a big and compassionate heart and I want to give my love and tenderness to my dear and loving person someday. I'm intelligent and feminine, erudite and ambitious, I have values and morality, I respect others for who they are and accept all the good from them.

My typical day

We go out to walk with the dog before slŠµep. After dinner I like to spend time with my son. My days start always the same but ends in different ways. I like to spend my time outside and sometimes I go to other cities. In the evening I meet my daughter from the kindergarten and we usually go for a walk! I also read a book in the evening sometimes. So at first I like to start my day with a warm shower and a cup of tea. In free time I usually meet with my friends, read books about psychology and dream about future day and suddenness which would present me my destiny.

My future goals are

Bad truth is better than a sweet lie. In any company I feel myself good and very comfortable. I am hard-working, responsible, faithful person. Well, what can I say?

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