Birth Date
11 / April / 1993
51 kg 113 lbs
The type of man that I desire

About my family i grew up in a complete loving family. But the main i want to see in my man is responsibility and respect. I don't like rude, fulsome, aggressive and selfish men. Yes, i believe in true love, and i do believe that there are people who are soul-mates, who match each other perfectly, and i want to find this second half of mine! Watch this video for free

About my family

but when I was 6 my mother has passed away( I still miss her very much in my life. Were are you, find me soon! My family is rather small, it consists of my son, my cat Mona and me. You can ask everything and you will always get a wise advice. The main thing is to take a nap in time, and then continue to work with refreshed energy.

Domestic abilities

I don't like to waste my time and always try to experiment with tastes in meals. I can wash dishes, wash clothes, clean everything in my house. As every true lady I like to cook of course) But it is not like a domestic ability) It is my second hobby) The first my hobby is my work) My son and my daughter usually do cleaning in their rooms by themselves. I like when there is a cozy and tidy atmosphere in our home. It has to be not just a building where all members of our family will gather . s been dirty for some period of time. And he is my pet and taking care of him is my domestic responsibility. My mother is a good cook, and I am proud of her, she has taught me a lot in the kitchen.

What I do in my leisure time?

I always try to keep my body in a good shape, so exercises are another option if I have some free time. I like to rest but I have little time for it. I love visiting different historical places and monuments, I think that it is always exciting to explore new territories learning something new for yourself! When I have free time I like to dedicate it to such activity as knitting. Also I like nature and outdoors activity, I like to walk outside, sped time with friends and family. I like doing some shopping for pleasure, going to cinemas with a lot of popcorn and lots more). But also I like calm and romantic evenings, good films, good company and walks on nature.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

In the future julia wants to have 4 children. She can teach you this. She wants to meet her one and only and fill his days with smiles and sunshine. Very positive, adorable and agreeable woman with a good sense of humour. She is serious about finding her soulmate here. And uliana is very beautiful. She is modest, hard working and consistently sets firm goals for herself.

How would I describe myself

I want to be surrounded by love and in return I can give much love to you. I'm a tender lady whose heart is open for serious relations. I prefer to live active and healthy life. even don’t know-) I think that I am a very open and honest person and if I start to tell you everything about me it won’t be enough all space here) That’s why I have a propose: Give me the chance to open my heart to you and tell you about me and my life. I want to find a loving and passionate man who won't be afraid of a lady with three kids. My close people tell I am talkative, helpful, responsible and sincere person. When I think about relations, there is only one thought, I can give myself to the fullest to a person who would give me the same in return. I like cooking and I keep healthy way of life.

My typical day

Then we have a trip to school and I go to my work. In the evening I do my best to have a good rest, I can read a book or watch something interesting on TV. My schedule is quite different, so I can work on weekend too. I start my day from jogging in the park with my dog, have breakfast, go to work. Then I have breakfast and start doing different things about the house. I come home, cook dinner, share it with mom and granny and rest. Very often in my free evenings I analyse my days, what new I discovered and also I make little resolutions and plans as for how to become happier :) One of my latest resolutions is to find my true love! Then I go to the work (I am working as a waitress at the restaurant) and spend there the entire day.

My future goals are

But in side I am romantic, tender and caring person. I love to make surprises and present gifts to my close friends and I'm waiting for a strong and responsible man who will be romantic the same as I am. Above all else, I value honesty and kindness in a partner, so if you're a genuine person with a lust for life, welcome to my world :-) I adore sport.

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