Birth Date
7 / June / 1992
47 kg 129 lbs
The type of man that I desire

That would be a big pleasure for me to create our family album for us and our future generations. After my work i go to the gym. But i can do and do everything about the house. So, my evenings can be different. Just like any woman, i am very romantic and enjoy flowers, sweets, surprises and lovely dates.

About my family

But the main person in my life is my mom - she is the closest person for me. The most important thing for me is to have my own family hearth and to be really happy with my beloved. There is nothing more painful than to try to steel someone's love. My typical day My typical day starts with the alarm clock:) After being woken up, I go to the bathroom, as I believe nothing can be better in the morning then cold and hot shower. He always helps me and supports me.

Domestic abilities

I like cleaning, I believe that a clean house leads to clean thoughts and pure mind. I like cooking, washing, ironing and everything around the house, I can't even remember anything special about it, as I do all the house routine automatically. I like pets, especially dogs. I consider that a husband will not feel shame if he helps his beloved woman and then they can spend more time together. I love cooking very much. I live with my parents and we are the one team! In my family we share the duties and I believe it is right. I helped my mom to clean our home since very early age. I'm a little bit old fashioned and that is why I'm sure that woman have to be a hearth keeper.

What I do in my leisure time?

Bulgakov is my favorite author. I am good at ball room and sport dances. I like to spend my time with my daughter - going to the park or movies or just playing games, we always have fun together. I like Italian cuisine and dream to go to Italy to be able to cook original Italian dishes:) I love my life, I am a devoted and passionate woman and hopefully I will find my One and Only to spend the rest of my life together in love and commitment. I like silence, but also I can't imagine my life without music. It suits my green eyes.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very open and sincere woman, it is easy and comfortable to communicate with her. Very positive and pleasant lady. Positive, cheerful and pretty lady who is looking for a partner to build a family with and settle down. When she came to our office she impressed us with her bright eyes and lovely smile. She has many goals for the future and tries to achieve them. From the first meeting, she makes a good impression. She’s a positive force in life rather than a negative influence.

How would I describe myself

I'm an open person, who is always ready for adventures. I'm an open-minded and friendly person. I think they develop closed abilities of your body. So I will make this one short - I am a lady looking for love. I have good sense of humor also) I have learned playing guitar and now I enjoy playing it so greatly. When I was told I would need to tell about myself I didn't know what to say, so I spent a while sitting with a blank slate looking outside the window, but then all of a sudden I started writing. I don't need much to feel happy.

My typical day

Sometimes I am busy with reading the Criminal Code of Ukraine (are you scared? Actually it is quite a hard question for me. I go to the kitchen and meet my parents. It would sound terrible. So at 7 o'clock in the morning there is nothing around – just me and the sound of water. And while walking, I can calmly think about different things, gather my thoughts in order to take a reasonable decision. I like shopping from time to time. I used to start my morning with smile and cup of green tea but, of course, it would be much better to start my morning with sweet kisses of my beloved man and do breakfast together!

My future goals are

The rest of me to discover is up to you. I am calm, sincere and open person. I am an open, creative, easy-going, very loving, caring and happy person. I believe in one woman man and vice versa.

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