Birth Date
10 / October / 1995
57 kg 115 lbs
The type of man that I desire

we are people. You might call me a hopeless romantic, but i believe that people can unite once and be together forever, i am looking for a man who wants to spend all his life with a woman who will love him every day more than yesterday, who will be happy to be his partner, who will always know how to cheer him up after even the worst day! She is a special one. That's why i am here - to find a life mate to share all possible moments with. Our personal opinion of this lady this lady reminds a dandelion.

About my family

I live together with my granny for some years while my mom works abroad. I am very tidy and like cleaning! He's so adorable! I also know my all family supports my idea to join this site and it means so much for me. Do you agree?

Domestic abilities

I keep my flat clean and comfortable for its habitants and guests that come to visit. I like keeping it clean and tidy. They say I'd be a good housewife) I live in a private house and it's rather big. I don't like mess in my home, so that I always keep it clean. :) However I do it too. Of course I cook mostly Russian dishes but sometimes try to prepare some dishes of Italian cousin. When my flat is in the process of renovation I try to choose beautiful and harmonic wallpapers, furniture and everything which can let my family and me feel comfortable in each room of our house) As for me different plants could make any house cozy, that`s why I grow them and like to look after them very much. I like to clean my apartment))). So now she is proud of me and tells that I will be a good wife.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like tennis as it is an active kind of sport, I like yoga as it helps me to concentrate on the main things and to relax, and I like reading as it enriches my inner world, to learn more new interesting things and to be educated. I adore swimming and going to the gym. I am a very active person. As many young ladies I like shopping very much! Our life is a joy! ):) I don`t think that I am alone but I feel I miss my soul mate to share all my life with this one very special person! I am fond of reading and walks.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She can challenge everything to be happy. She is very charming, nice and beautiful young lady. Alyona is very charming and communicative lady, she is easy-going, cheerful, confident and attentive. She has so huge deposit of energy! She has very kind eyes and she is always there to help people when they need her. She will make every day of your life bright and happy. Yana is also very active lady and she had a lot of energy.

How would I describe myself

I learn from all my life experiences, and hopefully, I grow wiser every day. I feel like it's high time I ended my loneliness. They are so pure and lovely. They often say there is something special in my eyes, something penetrating. If you feel that your life lacks some bright colors, just give us a chance to know each other better :). I am open to getting to know new people and learning new ideas. Having active life is great) My friends always say that I am a small piece of happiness:) I have a mild character and it is easy for me to find new friends.

My typical day

My morning starts with coffee. What is your favorite dish? I have 2 cats and I like playing with them a lot. But every morning I start in the same way. I`m a student, so every day I wake up early in the morning and start my day with a cold shower, breakfast and hot tea, then I go to the university, I like studying and I have a lot of friends there. I do so many different things during the day that in the evening I like to relax a little bit with my friends. I study at the university, always try to self improve, read books, watch news as I like to be wide awake :) Sometimes I spend my evenings with friends, sometimes we gather with my parents at our place and have dinner :) I have my breakfast and go to the University.

My future goals are

Why not! I like to be happy and to share my happiness with other people. I am waiting:)What I do in my leisure time? It can be a hand-made greeting card or a pretty layout!

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