Birth Date
9 / June / 1994
59 kg 113 lbs
The type of man that I desire

and yes, i have a grown-up daughter! I consider that mutual understanding and trust is very important in a family! During dinner we discuss the day, news, share emotions. It is hard to explain what man i want to meet because if my heart chooses a man i will never try to change anything in him but will accept him as he is - because it is natural! You need to be ready for my attention, care and love!

About my family

I hope to find long-lasted relationships and to create a family. As I have mentioned before, cooking is my passion, so I dream to reach nice results in it. My father is a Lion and my mom is a Queen! My mother is a housewife and my father is a metalworker. I love her so much.

Domestic abilities

I clean my house, wash my clothes, throw out unnecessary things, do redecorating. I like plants - so I take care of them. I like to make tasty surprises for my family :) I do not like to cook only for myself, I dream to cook tasty breakfasts and dinners for my future husband and kids :) hahahaha My daughter helps me with washing dishes -)) and vacuuming! Sometimes I imagine how I will cook for my future husband and this inspires me. One more responsibility of mine is to walk my dog but I can say it is a very pleasant responsibility -) I like to live in a clean and cozy house. I like to cook so much. I like when my flat is clean and tidy, like when there is fresh air and many green pots) I like to lay on the floor, on the warm carpet that is why it should be always clean.

What I do in my leisure time?

In my leisure time I like to watch movies. -) I think the best healing for me when I feel bad is music and I like listening to it when I am getting to work or go somewhere. Actually I am very friendly person. I like to feel caressing breeze on my face, to hear the leaves whisper, to sniff a fragrant aroma of beautiful flowers. Also I just love to dance, I am fond of dancing! I love go for a walk with her :) Also I love painting. I adore to practice yoga and just can`t imagine my life without it anymore .

Our personal opinion of this Lady

A very special man will get a lot of energy from this lady! Knows what she wants. when you get a chance to meet this lady you will see how energetic and positive she is. She is family-oriented and looking only for serious relationships. She is active and every day for her is a chance to become closer to her dreams and goals. This lady is very feminine and tender, she is family-oriented and ready for creating serious relationship with a decent man. She is a huge fan of cooking and dreams to have a big happy family in future.

How would I describe myself

but I`m alone. I enjoy my life and I adore smiling. I think I am a kind, open, sincere and understanding lady. Passionate in love and life. I am a very easy-going person. I find it interesting to read books about psychology, I love meeting new people, I love chocolate and ice cream. I am kind and caring girl. I don`t like arguing and I prefer to be silent when I hear some negative speech.

My typical day

I prefer to take care of my body and health in general, that is why I eat fruits and vegetables a lot. I have studies at the university for the most part of the year, but when classes are over I always find what to do - I can do the chores in my apartment, or I can go out with friends, go to the fitness club, and just devote my time to self-education. But I love to help them to make the right choice. It depends on quantity of work I have to do. Then a few times a week I go to the gym to do fitness. On Sunday I sometimes work and then rest. I can stay at home and invite my friends for very tasty dinner. It's exhausting, but I really like it.

My future goals are

I am caring and loving a mother and hope to be the same loving wife for my man. I am a lovely tender flower, this flower needs love and care of its only man! People act differently, but I believe that you must stay human whatever you would do. My friends compare me to a FEATHER as my simple and friendly way of life never leaves a heavy imprint.

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