Birth Date
21 / July / 1991
51 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I know what true life values are and i know that life is worthless without true love. Lady about herself i am simple and positive. My typical day i am a chemical engineer and i work by shifts. My father was the military officer, thus we had to move from one city to another. But i want to give my man more than that.

About my family

Then I read something and fall asleep. So I have a little practice)) I love them and feel myself very comfortable near them. Life is a gift! I am very romantic so, I like to look at the night sky or observe sun set and sun rise. The main thing is to take a nap in time, and then continue to work with refreshed energy.

Domestic abilities

I teach my daughter the same thing. And after our "big clean day" I bake with my mother some delicious cake and have it with some hot tea. as I live with them. I do cleaning, cooking, laundry and planning for the week. This is one of my hobbies! It is easier to do all together so he helps me with those things which are hard to do alone. I love to cook. :) My balcony is full of flowers and plants and I like to take care of them! From my childhood she taught me to do everything at home.

What I do in my leisure time?

But most of all I like sewing new clothes for myself and for my dear people. I can say that my hobbies are a wide range of activities --) I am curious about everything in this life and try to get new knowledge. I am very fond of flowers. I know, that time flies quickly, and the only think we could be sorry of - is lost possibilities. If I have some time left after that, I like to read a good book, because I think that the self-education is very important. I also go to gym regularly. and just being together forever.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Optimistic and positive lady in any situation, what is very rare in nowadays. Always is trying to help and to cheer up with a joke or just with a smile. To sum everything up, she is a very interesting person and a woman of varied attainments. Marina cares about her son. A real diamond so rare to find. The lady is very lovely, talkative and responsible. She is a family oriented person, and she is able to create a strong and happy family.

How would I describe myself

Open, honest, positive, smiling and easy going. I dream about having the romantic dinner with candles with my future husband. I hope that everyone beside me can feel the energy and love to life that I have. I am waiting:)What I do in my leisure time? Is it possible not to like sweets? I am completely positive and smiling person. I always strive for excellence. I love life and truly value every single day and moment which I have.

My typical day

So, my evenings can be different. I also enjoy evenings at home with a good book of science or some historical book. Usually I can take a walk with my dog. For the recent period I am in my search of job. I just adore my work. I want to have someone special next to me, with whom we will fill our days with unforgettable moments and fervent feelings. It fills me with energy even more than coffee. I work as a teacher in primary school and I work with small kids.

My future goals are

Well, what can I say? I guess, I am a kind, honest, careful, joyful and intelligent person. I should become less self-critical. I'm a calm, steady person.

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