Birth Date
27 / May / 1988
61 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

my future man is a man that will conquer me by his charm, sense of humor and amazing smile :) I know that home should be like a castle for man, he should know that wife waits for him and it is clean and comfortable in the house) My future goals are of course, my main goal is to find my true love. Our personal opinion of this lady if you want to see the smile of an angel and grace of goddess you should come and see mary. I would like to meet an educated, attractive, all-sufficient man with a good sense of humour who does not dwell on bad things in life.

About my family

What I do in my leisure time? What I do in my leisure time? At the same time I have good relationship with my biological father and he helps me a lot in my life. I would be very happy if my beloved man and I could live so happily as my parents live. :) Maybe we have common interests and we could spend our leisure time together?

Domestic abilities

I open to know and to learn new things. I always try to make healthy food because I believe that right products help us to stay strong and beautiful. As any girl, I like cooking, finding some exotic receipts and so on. And I can prepare very delicious dishes especially for you! I love to cook and I dream to cook every day for my beloved man. So I spend a lot of time for domestic abilities, but most of all I like to cook, please do not think that I am the best cooker in the world, but I really like to do it and it is very funny and brings me a lot of pleasure and joy. I like to do housework. One of my favorite domestic abilities is cooking. Also I like to invite friends.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a fitness trainer and sport is my lifestyle. I dedicate almost all my free time to my son, however, it doesn't prevent me from doing my hobbies that are embroidery and bead-work. Life without a hobby is like food without the salt! I like reading fiction stories too and watching interesting movies. The world is so diverse and beautiful that it is extremely hard for me to stay lazy and to do nothing, so I prefer to live my life to the fullest! I like going places, spending free time with my baby-girl and enjoying each moment of life! My leisure time is devoted to communication with friends, reading, walking around the city, spending time outside the city closer to nature, going in for sports, developing of cooking skills, making my cozy and sweet or I can just be very attentive while watching nice movie with good plot or I would never refuse to sleep good in order to renovate my forces.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is intelligent, but prefers to keep silent if no one asks her opinion. Yana is extremely smiling lady, she is very kind and it is very easy to talk to her. She is honest. The lady is tender and gentle, she is the example of true femininity. She is also a goal-oriented lady. You will never be bored with her. Maybe it is because katie smiles only sincerely? The first thing that attracts is her eyes.

How would I describe myself

For me it's very important to feel comfortable with someone! They are example for me and I believe that in future I will have such a great family as mine. I'm not afraid to be faithful to one man all my life. I am honest person and I love animals. I am an active and cheerful person! I will be happy to explore this wonderful world with you! I love my job very much it is very interesting and responsible. I lead active life and I always see the glass half full :-) I was brought up in a loving and friendly family and I have strong moral values.

My typical day

I look at mirror and smile wishing myself successful day. I like to keep my body in a good shape. I spend my day dealing with clients and in the evening I come back home. Sure I help parents a lot. My typical day begins at 8 a. I think my typical day is the same as other's days! At this time I prefer to do something relaxing and useful. After work sometimes I have energy only to get home to rest.

My future goals are

Being thankful for everything that you have - is that thing which my parents taught me and I am grateful to them for this lesson. I always keep my word and I am responsible for my actions. The lady whose name is Lubov, translated as LOVE into English. I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here.

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