Birth Date
13 / July / 1993
58 kg 115 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I would like to meet a reliable, family-oriented and kind man on whom i could completely rely. you can be sure - my home will be clean and cosy always :) What i do in my leisure time? Maybe i have to write a letter to santa? -As you could admit i’m a person who likes to bring beauty in this world in every possible way :)

About my family

I do not like hypocrisy, arrogance, and I will not tolerate them in my man. Of course, they were working hard like every parent, but they always had time for us. My family consists of me, my parents and my younger sister Yana, she is nine years younger than me. he is looking for the only one) And it seems to me that he has already found his Love :) I`ll be happy if he is happy) My parents are the best people for me in this world) They always protect me and support when it is needed. Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures!

Domestic abilities

I do hope that one day you will be able to try them :). I adore making tiramisu at home because I like sweet desserts very much. I live with my grandmother to help her, she is a wonderful lady, very hard-working, but because of her age she is weak and she needs me. It is pleasant when the house is neat. I also like to cook and to take care of my plants. The dishes I cook vary from traditional Russian ones to foreign cuisine. I like to treat my family and friends with my culinary delights! Haha :) Cooking is my hobby so I can make not only Russian traditional dishes. I love cooking and I usually cook for our family.

What I do in my leisure time?

real :) :-) I like traveling to other towns and I enjoy going to Lviv. I like to spend my free time in different ways. I like to go shopping with my friend or with my mother:) Of course I want to go shopping with my second half, because I know that beloved can be the best adviser:) Also I like weaving from beads, I like to sing and going to karaoke clubs:) I can find what to do even in the night:) I like to watch films when I have an insomnia at night:) I cannot stand still. Also, having some pets means that I have to dedicate some of my time to them. I like going in for sports.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Wants to be happy. This lady is a pearl from the ocean. Despite her young age, she is smart and mature and has serious purpose to find the man of her dreams. She is hungry for real mutual love in her life. She wants to find her man and to be happy! She can make comfort and warmth around. Alina is a true lady with soft smile and clear thoughts.

How would I describe myself

I am ordinary girl who wants to find love. I do not talk too much because I like listening more. I am a cheerful, optimistic, easy-going young lady. Lady, who knows a SECRET how to create happiness and harmony. I am serious, purposeful, active, romantic and communicative girl. For me it's very important to feel comfortable with someone! I am a very gentle, soft, caring and domestic girl. In my understanding it is the best and the strongest uni0n which will last forever.

My typical day

I wake up in the morning, and I definitely take a cold shower, and also my usual procedure - to drink two glasses of water! My typical weekends are devoted to active rest with my friends. In the evening I prefer to relax and watch some films. My work occupies almost all day and then I come back home I go to the gym to stay in a good health and it helps me to raise my mood. In the evening I like to read or watch a nice program on TV, cook a delicious dinner or going our to a nice place. In the evening when I come back home after work I used to do some chores about the house, cook supper and then I can dedicate some free time to myself. Then I make breakfast for me and my son and go to work. I prefer an active lifestyle and I can't imagine my life without sport.

My future goals are

I am cheerful, smiling, optimistic and friendly. I'm a sunshine, and my red hair is the hint which nature is giving to you -) That's all. I'm an open person, who is always ready for adventures.

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Online dating how long to wait for response