Birth Date
23 / July / 1997
60 kg 110 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want to meet a reliable, considerate, generous and faithful man with a warm and kind heart who knows what he wants out of this life and how to achieve this. I am a communicative girl and i like to meet my friends. Similar ladiesonline My future goals are my future goal is to create a strong family based on love and respect, to live in a harmony with my inner world. I want him to be smart and kind, support me with nice words and good advices.

About my family

I am very active and I like all types of social activites, as well as interesting events. My mom married second time and gave the birth to him really late so I feel responsible for his behaviour and education. I love them and I know they love me! I have a friendly family and I'm so happy that I feel care and support of my close people when something goes wrong. But my parents are my everything, my best friends and mentors.

Domestic abilities

My other passion is cooking. I am good at desserts! My passion is cooking and if I could I would rather cook all day long than be busy with other domestic things. I like to cook something tasty for my family. I like my apartment and I like to create a nice and cozy atmosphere there by decorating it with some nice things. I like looking for some new interesting recipes and cooking interesting dishes I have never tried before. I can do everything about the house. And I like to make my place cozy and comfortable. Helping her with home work.

What I do in my leisure time?

A great fun for me is going to different concerts and exhibitions, visiting museums and theaters. But when I have my days off, I can spend them in a different way. I also like to take photos. I have two beautiful daughters and sometimes I have time only for them. I like to find new interesting places. When I read I plunge into other life. I like exhibitions and theaters.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Very easy going person and knows what she wants from her life! Ivanna is a cheerful and a family oriented girl. She has serious intentions and we hope that she would find her hero here! She is very polite and very interested in creating a family. An awesome woman with family-values. She seems to be a little philosopher, a very unusual girl! She is very open and sincere woman, it is easy and comfortable to communicate with her.

How would I describe myself

I usually stay calm and I am in search of my beloved man. I can say that sometimes I talk a lot but that is always what is important! I am kind and caring girl. I love to make surprises and present gifts to my close friends and I'm waiting for a strong and responsible man who will be romantic the same as I am. I'm adult woman, I had not very good experience in relations, I'm divorced, I was disappointed and hurt greatly in my life, but I decided to leave my past apart and to start new life and move forward as I think I deserve to be happy and I will be happy. I am blithe and frank person. I am honest and sincere and like to communicate with the same people. I can be different: funny, adventurous, mysterious and open-hearted.

My typical day

I wake up, then try to get up, get ready for work and only late in the evening I return, make some cooking, have dinner, then have some time for myself, and go to bed. I want to do everything in time and I am convinced that it is not possible to achieve your goals laying in bed only. I try to brighten up the drab existence)) I have an interesting work. Every day in my life is filled with many things and differs completely from the previous one. My typical day starts with a warm cup of green tea and smile) I wake up at 7. On weekends I prefer active rest, go for a walk by bicycle, to skate and roller. Then I dress myself and go to work. I study, that's why I spend at college plenty of time.

My future goals are

And I am ready to find it no matter what And I am ready to change that awful situation. I am romantic and I believe in true love. But in side I am romantic, tender and caring person.

Online dating he is still looking

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Online dating he is still looking