Birth Date
6 / March / 1996
62 kg 111 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want him to become a leader and a head of our family, to be the one to take the decisions and to be responsible for those decisions. I wish to find reliable, thoughtful, ambitious, goal-oriented man who will take care about me, love me and understand me. I miss her very much. i will follow a man who can charm me. it's intriguing like finding an unknown world.

About my family

I want him to be sincere and generous. I am searching for relations, based on mutual love, anxiety, respect and sincerity, where we will enjoy happy moments, as well as help each other in sorrows and painful moments. Sometimes I think that it would be great to have the brother or sister. My family is two my sisters, my daughter and my grandmother. Sometimes I watch interesting movies before going to bed.

Domestic abilities

In childhood mothers often tell their daughters that they should always be tidy and keep their room clean, otherwise they will not get married :) As for me, I have never heard such words from my mother, maybe because from the very childhood I knew that girls have to be neat and keep everything in order. :) They even help me with the washing-up! I like to cook, to clean my house. But I am sure when I will live with my man, my house will be the coziest place in the whole world. I like to do the work about the house. This is my another hobby and I get acquainted with different cultures in such a way too. I want to add that I love cooking since my childhood. I think that every woman should do everything in order to keep her house clean and tidy. As I have told before, I grew up in the village.

What I do in my leisure time?

I love listening to music! The point is that I have an opportunity to feel relaxed and free when I am sitting near the forest or the river. Well, I prefer to spend my time actively - dancing, travelling, meeting friends, trying out new things. I like reading very much. I am watching movies that I like, TV shows, walk. I like to spend leisure time with my friends, but most of all I like to spend free time with my son. I also like cooking.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She would be a perfect wife for her beloved and the best mother for her kids! She finds common language with others without problems. Miroslava is very kind, friendly and responsible person. Very positive and nice. While talking with her you may notice that she goes through life with faith in the best. There is no more energetic and light lady in the world. A lady who knows what she wants in life and who achieves her goals.

How would I describe myself

I make a point of keeping my promises. I have everything in my life except beloved man. I can say that I love to try something new in different areas like sports, food, places to see. The first thing is my love to move every second. I know that this world is full of opportunities and we just need to give a hand and to catch it. I want to be happy and loved woman and to give all my love, warmth, care and affection I have in my heart to the only one man - my man. I have good sense of humor also) I am quite easy going, I like communication, I am romantic and passionate.

My typical day

I get up at 6. I do enjoy reading and learning new things when I get a chance. I usually come home in the evening and I have some time to spend with my friends or family! I also can walk outdoors with my son before sleep, it helps to see sweet dreams at nights! Then I go to work. My typical day starts in the early morning from preparing my daughter for school. That's why I always try to go to bed before midnight so I have no problems with getting up early :-) I get up early because I need some time for my breakfast and for making my bed. It helps me to relax after my complicated day.

My future goals are

I can make my own choices and be responsible for them. I prefer to spend my free time with family and my friends. I like to be adventurous and active lady in all my duties. I like to take care of my family- I am a very devoted woman.

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