Birth Date
14 / July / 1998
61 kg 105 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I teach her to be a real lady -in the end of the day we may watch some tv or read before going to bed :) My mr. I want to know everything about him and i will open my inside world in return. Watch this video for free Domestic abilities i am not that naughty at what to do or not.

About my family

And I intend to create a Support Center for Cancer-Stricken Children if I have a possibility to do this. I like to live in a clean and cozy house. It is very important to know you are not alone in this world as well as to know there is someone who always has a kind word for you and a shoulder to cry on. If you want the same I will be happy to make it real. My father who was my the biggest support and reliance passed away several years ago.

Domestic abilities

When I have a good mood, I can cook something unusual but it is not always tasty-) I like experiments-) Don't be afraid, you will never be hungry-) And I do my own personal stuff like cleaning your home, cooking good foods etc. I once heard that this way people attract positive changes into their life but I just like it and do it following my feeling. :) Most of I like to cook. On my opinion, house should be a place where all we relax and forget our problems, so I give a lot of energy to create such place of living for me and my daughter. It helps me to make my house cozier. I am a good house keeper. Favorite I think cleaning. I have a little, trained kitty at home and I like to care about him!

What I do in my leisure time?

We make a fire, bake potatoes and have a lot of fun. My life is exciting and interesting because I have wonderful people in my surrounding, with whom we often have fun, I like to go to the cinema, theater, concerts. I like spending time on the nature, when I have an opportunity I like to run away somewhere to the countryside to have a relaxing walk somewhere in the wood, Crimea is actually full of such places :) Like every young person I like to spend my time in a very active way, going sometimes to dance, when I have a chance to leave my daughter with my parents, or may be cinema, bowling, billiard, etc. I like traveling very much and if I have an opportunity I go somewhere. I am also fond of reading - especially detectives. When my mood is not good I listen to Sting. Sea makes me feel relaxed and gives me a lot of energy.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

A very special man will get a lot of energy from this lady! But after some communication we noticed that she is very nice and positive. Ludmila is confident, charming woman, she has her aims, and she is very determined about making them true. This lady is radiating, she is charming and has this warm energy. It was very pleasant to meet svetlana. That she will make everything to make her dreams come true! Olya is a stunning lady with a beatiful appearance and soul!

How would I describe myself

Also I can describe myself as a real lady and lady needs his gentleman, who knows how to make his lady smile. I am active, positive, friendly and open-minded. I love to take care of people, just make them happy the way I can. I try to find good in everything that happens. ))) I like to help people in order they need my help, at least to support with good and kind words. It's kind of responsibility that I enjoy totally. I can describe myself as an open hearted and cheerful person. I adore reading.

My typical day

In winter I can go for cross-country skiing and go skating. Also I like to do to the shops when I have some free time. I have dinner and watch a movie or read a book. I wake up, turn on music and do my morning exercises. Then I make the breakfast for myself and enjoy a cup of a good coffee. And if the weather is nice I like to take a walk before going to bed. usually I try to go to sleep at 10 pm ) 30 pm.

My future goals are

Well, what can I say? I have to admit that it is a pretty hard task to describe myself but I will try as I want you to have much more understanding about me. I'm intelligent and feminine, erudite and ambitious, I have values and morality, I respect others for who they are and accept all the good from them. I am close with my family and I am sure that relatives are the dearest people, but at the same time I feel more and more that I lack my soul mate.

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