Birth Date
24 / March / 1987
53 kg 118 lbs
The type of man that I desire

They always wait for us and i love this event. It is really nice to spend the rainy evening with a book or watching a good film. I am looking for a man who has open and kind heart and he knows how to treat and respect a lady! That's why my youngest brother and me want to feel the same in future life. I like to be in a good mood, so i think that first of all a perfect man should have a good sense of humor to keep me in high spirits always -)my typical day so.

About my family

I like cleanness and order! I have an elder sister but she does not live with us. Just listen! Then I can read or watch some interesting movie. I am fond of active sports - swimming, riding a bike in the park that is close to my home.

Domestic abilities

is cooking! I hope that I will try to surprise my soul mate with all my talents. But I always do my chores being in good manner. Laundry? Russian women are good in everything! Well, I am a real lady and I enjoy it very much. After it, it is wonderful to have a cup of green tea and enjoy the cozy atmosphere) I like to live in a clean and nice house. Also I think that my duty is to make our home cosy and full of positive energy.

What I do in my leisure time?

A big pleasure for me is to pass the time with my relatives and friends. Most of all I like to visit Europe. I work at home, so in my leisure time I am trying to spend outside. On weekends I like to gather up a couple of my friends and to go paintball shooting. I have my own dance group and we perform in different competitions. In such a way I relax and dive into absolutely different world. Also I can sell it for people who order it.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is serious about her search and believes that her special man is here! First of all, she is a great person. Despite her age she is serious in her search. Charming lady with miraculous green eyes that seem to put a spell on you. She would be a good life partner for a nice man! Tanya smiles to the full world! This lady is very interested to find a man who likes children and wants family.

How would I describe myself

I always try to be an open-minded and adaptable woman because our world is constantly changing. I am young, motivated and talented lady. I consider myself as a calm, kind, open and easy-going lady. I am ordinary girl who wants to find love. What I mean is that our life is full of surprises and very often we don't notice beauty in it and take blessings for granted. I like to get to know new things in life like reading books and watching worthy TV programs. Sometimes I may look very shy, but I always try to be sincere and I hate hypocrisy and lie. I am friendly and not egoistic.

My typical day

Every evening I'm trying to make up a plan for the next day. I also like to walk sometimes before going to bed. I spend a lot of time on studying and teaching. I like very much to listen to music and before going to bed, I usually listen to my favorite songs. I am trying to end my days with a walk and a bubble bath as it helps to relax and have sweet dreams :) As I cook breakfast, my sister usually cooks dinner for us and we chat about the day:) It takes a lot of time. Unfortunately I can't meet with them every day.

My future goals are

I think that nobody in this world deserves to be lonely and I think that we all deserve to love and to be loved. My friends compare me to a FEATHER as my simple and friendly way of life never leaves a heavy imprint. I'm easy-going and open for the communication. I am a simple woman who likes to discover this world and I am open to everything new).

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