Birth Date
6 / May / 1986
60 kg 136 lbs
The type of man that I desire

So i can do everything myself. Since then, playing volleyball is my favourite sport and it is my hobby whenever i have free time. As far as i am a tender and attentive person i want to have a man beside me who can give all his love and tenderness to a woman. It would be great if my man wouldn't smoke and would drink alcohol socially. And i know that she always cares about me and one of her dreams for me to find nice man.

About my family

In my family I appreciate the happiness and love to each other. Only in a healthy, harmonious family grow mentally healthy and happy people. When I finish working I attend the swimming pool or relax at home. My parents were very kind people and I loved them very much, but it is a pity I am alone now without them, they were gone some years ago. He helps me to do household chores.

Domestic abilities

I like cooking and usually my family asks me to bake a cake or some other tasty dishes. When I am receiving guests, I just cannot help baking some tasty pie and cookies or cakes. As each lady I like to cook new dishes very much) I also love cooking and making desserts is my passion :) Do you like sweets? It is great pleasure for me to cook for my friends, and for my son. It is not a secret that Russian women are the best housewives and I'm not an exception. I also help my mom in the garden and I like to help her with growing some vegetables in her kitchen-garden when I have time. I like to water and to take care of them. I treat my friends and they say I'm very good at cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I look after my figure as I want to look good for my man in the future. I am good in skiing. So I always think logically. I also have a lot of ideas of how to spend our free time together :) Kiev is rich with theater life so it's always possible to find something exciting to watch. The healthy life style is very important for me. I like different outdoors sport activities and I try to keep myself in a good shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a great combination of internal beauty and charming appearance. This lady is the most cheerful person, i've ever met. Olya is a stunning lady with a beatiful appearance and soul! This lady is very cheerful and positive. You should write her and communicate with her and you won't be disappointed getting to know her better. She is very smily, honest and has a good sense of humor. Her heart is full of warmth.

How would I describe myself

It is very important for me to realize that somebody needs me. I'm a calm, steady person. I always ready to help my close people. I’m the one, who cannot stay depressed for more than 2 hours. I enjoy adventures and I'm open to them, my heart and mind are ready to something new, exciting, charming in my life all the time. and all we can do is to wait until these events happen in our life. I think that actions speak louder than words. I like everything positive in this life.

My typical day

It is like jogging every morning. Also when I have some free time, I like to meet my friends or just sit at home with an interesting book or movie. Before sleeping I like to read something. When I come home, no matter what I was doing – training in the gym or spending time with friends, - there is a small rule - I read a little before going to bed. I value time that we spend together with my sweet daughter:) every next day includes something new, and I like to make my life bright and multifarious. After work I visit gym, also I like to buy fresh vegetables and fruits every day, I enjoy cooking and good healthy meal. After it I come back home and cook something delicious, do sports.

My future goals are

I am willing to help anyone at any time, I support and help to orphans and disabled kids in my city! " I believe that relationship should be based on trust, love, friendship and partnership. I am loyal and sincere person who just wants to love and to be loved. I've been working as an accountant for 16 years.

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