Birth Date
25 / December / 1990
50 kg 128 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am looking for real, sincere, open and based on trust feelings. I like to communicate with different people and i enjoy good conversation. Cooking is my hobby. Now i'm trying to be a wonderful mother, just like my parents. will you believe in this?

About my family

I appreciate respect, honesty, care and understanding within my family. I do know exactly what kind of family I want to have in future. ) I love spending the time with everybody of them, especially with the youngest, whom I like to take on the walk and bringing him the presents from the toy shop where I work:) My parents divorced but still we are in touch with our real father with my sister. What I do in my leisure time? I am an active lady and I like playing tennis, attending the swimming pool when I am free.

Domestic abilities

I have travelled a lot in my life and tried many different cuisines in various countries but Russian will always remain my favourite one. My friends call my borsh the best in Ukraine -) And that is a very high reward, as borsh is a very important food in Russian cuisine :) I can honestly say that I am a good housekeeper, not just because I do it as I need to, but because I love doing it. I can embroider and I like to decorate my room with small beautiful things I made with my hands. My home is cozy and comfortable. When you have a child, you are used to doing everything by yourself. I enjoy cooking and always try to find new tasty recipes to cook. I was raised in the family where my mother was working all the time. I can do everything, but I want to be a lady and to feel that I have reliable man next to me, who is ready to help me). But I enjoy everything I do - I was raised that way, I am quite hard-working.

What I do in my leisure time?

I adore animals. Also I love being in the open air. Maybe it will be OUR story? Adore spending time outdoors, sea, traveling. I have a lot of hobbies and I enjoy spending time in different ways. ) Also I like to go to the swimming pool to be in fit. I take to the walks and we often go to entertainment centers for children.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a charismatic lady and she always brings us some good mood)) dana is an easygoing person but at the same time she is very independent. We sincerely wish her good luck in her search and we hope the man, who she has been waiting for, will find her and make her happy. We are sure that julia is ready to build a strong family with the right person. Seems like she is positive, and very determined to find her love. We sincerely wish her good luck in her search and we hope the man, who she has been waiting for, will find her and make her happy. She has very kind eyes and she is always there to help people when they need her. This lady is the most cheerful person, i've ever met.

How would I describe myself

I live in harmony with myself, I like adventures and traveling, it's easy for me to talk even with a stranger and I hope if you talk with me you see that I am a simple open woman. I am a funny and smart blond with ambitious character) I want to learn Italian, English, German, and Spanish languages. I know what I want, and I will reach my goals in all possible and impossible ways. Good strange. I believe in soulmates. I came here. My friends often call me the life and soul of the party, with a good sense of humor, although I may sometimes be kind of shy. I am very communicative and energetic person.

My typical day

In the evening I like to walk in the park, to read interesting books or to watch a nice movie. And I try to plan my day in these dreams. So that is how my typical day looks like:). I have to leave at about 7. Or just go out somewhere with friends together. I meet my friends in the evening. Also I meet friends and we do all different things together - walk around, go to the restaurants, visit interesting events or simply gather at someone's place to have a good talk. I work a lot, but I enjoy every day of my life.

My future goals are

Well, I think that you will make an objective opinion when you get to know me better in person. I go to athletics-running for 7 years. I'm kind, optimistic, easy-going and sincere person. I like to be happy and to share my happiness with other people.

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