Birth Date
14 / May / 1988
48 kg 125 lbs
The type of man that I desire

She is going be a real treasure for the man who will love her. For now it means happiness for my relatives and family. I just adore my work. I might be a dreamer, but i know that dreams come true. it's intriguing like finding an unknown world.

About my family

I am a many-sided person. I've decorated my home by myself. I have travelled a lot in my life and tried many different cuisines in various countries but Russian will always remain my favourite one. I love having guests at my home :) And I wish that one day I will be happy to have a special guest in it - my beloved one. I was raised by Mum, my Dad and my grandma.

Domestic abilities

I also like when my apartment is tidy and clean. I enjoy the sense of coziness so much and I like to do a lot of household chores and I receive a great pleasure when I clean the flat. I like experiments on kitchen! Usually I cook healthy food, try not to eat fast food, fatty food. So I try to clean my flat rather often. I like to do all house chores. I am not only living in a fantasy, I can make myself quite useful in daily routine. I I clean, do laundry and even help my parents in the garden where we grow our own fruits and vegetables! If I have time I always cook something interesting and new!

What I do in my leisure time?

Most of the time my weekend is free. If I have spare time I prefer to spend it with my friends. I am very active person and try to live my life with pleasure and joy! I like to cook every day for my family the healthy and tasty dishes. Right now I study in the university and I am the monitor of our group, which shows that I am responsible and active. As an active lady, I prefer to spend my leisure time in active way :) A lot of my free time I dedicate to sport, as believe that sport forms a culture of optimism, a culture of cheerfulness. I like long walks in the open air, then I have an opportunity to relax mentally and to think over a lot of things.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very motivated to create real family. In spite of her age, her life values are stable and intentions are serious. We hope that with our help she will find her real love and be very happy. This lady wants to meet her special man here, with whom she will be just happy! She is very interesting lady to talk to. We are sure you will never have a wish to leave this beautiful angel alone. From the first meeting, she makes a good impression.

How would I describe myself

I am ready to make a loyal, caring and loving wife. I want to open my soul to a decent man, to show all my kindness and care to him. I am very positive and active person. I adore going to spa. I should give myself compliments instead of telling myself negative messages. I am a kindhearted, sincere and caring person. I have a big loving heart and huge desire to share all my love with the man who will appreciate it! I don't like any confrontation and I don't like to make things complicated.

My typical day

That's why I'm trying to manage my time. Than after I finish my work I usually go to the gym and stay here for an hour or two. I have enough time for my sport and pole dance classes. I like such warm family conversations. I can work not for all day so, I do have the flexible work schedule and I can plan my day myself. I open curtains and let the sunbeam into my room. I get up at 6 am, warm shower wakes me up completely, then we all have breakfast, I make coffee for myself and take son to school. That is why I don't have typical day.

My future goals are

Ok, I am a communicative woman, reliable, have sense of humor when it is acceptable, decent and caring. I do not talk too much because I like listening more. I like accuracy and also the beauty of our world. I go to the gym regularly and work hard to be fit and healthy:)

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My dating place phoenix arizona