Birth Date
16 / August / 1996
58 kg 122 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Our personal opinion of this lady when you stay next to this girl you may feel her positive energy:) And of course to create a strong relationship. My brother is older than me and he has his own family. I like to clean up everything, as i think that the place you live must be tidy and cosy. In the evening i like to have a cup of nice tea and relax.

About my family

I communicate with many people - it is also a part of my work. My future goals are My main purpose is to live in harmony, piece and love. I was born and live in a very nice and friendly family. I come from a typical Russian family with a democratic approach in raising children. My father died when I was 16 so mother and brother are the dearest people for me!

Domestic abilities

It can be just warm and comfortable clothes. I think cooking is a kind of art where one can reveal his/her creativity, do it with love and inspiration. I like to take care of the plants, spend much time on cooking and making always something interesting. Helping her with home work. I also like a fresh smell in my house. :) I don't have much flowers, just a couple. I like to order households in my home. Among my favorite things is cooking :) I really adore making food, I like to find and to try something new and I really think, that every cuisine in this world is worth attention. So I clean up the house and cook.

What I do in my leisure time?

I love long walks which make me dream and smile while dreaming. Also I like to spend time outside, meeting friends and family. I try to go to the gym and to keep myself in a good shape. I am a Russian woman and our women are famous for their patience and ability to be busy with something all the time. I`m very active and kind person ! I regularly attend gym to keep myself in shape. But I think it is temporary hobby.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Lady is family-oriented. She values other people's opinions and feelings. ))) she is a very active, merry, kind and tender lady. Very kind-hearted and sophisticated. This lady is very attractive and intelligent. Very active, very funny and sincere! She has great sense of humour and beautiful smile.

How would I describe myself

I would describe myself as a kind and responsive lady. I am affectionate and I would want to find a man who is able to be my support, my love, and to show all his affection to me, too. I am a true phlegmatic. I am quite independent, but I am quite domestic at the same time. I know how to love, and I'm ready to share my feelings with someone special. I don't like when people are rude and aggressive. I was told there are men who love kids and who don't think that a child (or even three) would be a problem. It’s all about me.

My typical day

My typical day includes morning exercises with optimistic and energy music. I like nature, parks, to sit somewhere in a cosy cafe. then I do things about the house, work, read, go to swimming pool, and when my son comes back to school we have a dinner together, and then spend time watching movie, or playing. Afterwards - breakfast and work. Usually I get up at seven o'clock, do some morning exercises and go to work. As I sad I like jogging in the morning and that is why I wake up early. I cook and clean every day! We always spend good time together.

My future goals are

Also I go in for sport, I participate in competitions in bench pressing. My interests are travelling, meeting new people and making new friends. I treat people who are beside me with gratitude and warmth. I love life and I'm ready to share my attitude with everyone.

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