Birth Date
8 / December / 1994
46 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

So i like to spend much time with my friends and to visit incredibly beautiful places of nature,especially near the water, sea ,lakes,waterfalls and rivers. I have an elder brother, we are pretty good friends. She is a special one. I love different kind of literature which enrich me with new knowledge. As i like cooking a lot, perhaps my dream is one day to have my own little restaurant or cafe.

About my family

Dancing classes help me to keep my body in good shape and to learn new dancing styles. Do you want to try some? So, I live with my mother and father and a cat) I have a younger sister but she lives with her boyfriend. And I want to enter this new world with my beloved person who will be my Man, my Friend, my Teacher. I was lucky enough to be raised up in a wonderful family.

Domestic abilities

I like to cook and consider myself to be a good cook. I like cooking and planting flowers. Just like I take care of the people I love, I will take care of my future husband and kids. It would be a big pleasure for me when my beloved comes home and sees his favourite dish on the table. I don't make cleaning or dusting to be me hobby, but I do it as often as necessary. everything that makes my house clean and cozy. I wish you could try it one day and I'm sure you will like it a lot. I like to do home-design. My mom always says that the person must know how to do everything.

What I do in my leisure time?

I always can't wait to have a bit of free time at weekends, as I work a lot throughout the working week. During colder seasons I like to go to the restaurants, cinema, theater, to visit different concerts and so on. My grandmother taught me to play it when I was a little girl:) I liked it so much and even now I like to play it sometimes. Besides, I work on my English when I can, and I have already made some progress :) On weekends I like to cook for my family and during summer time I often organize picnics outside for my close people. I watch my diet and train a lot. I like to read the books. :) I enjoy nature and spending time with my friends!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is ready for serious relationships and will be a good wife and mother. She is really very active and thinks not about herself but about others more. We are sure she can make her man happy! He will always feel her tenderness and care about him! We liked her very much and we think she deserves to find a nice man who'll make her truly happy. The lady is smart, elegant and very caring. The lady is very serious and family oriented, very polite and kind.

How would I describe myself

My friends say that I have a big heart. I have a heart with a lots of love to give to my special people, and of course to my future beloved man! I am an optimist and I very smiling and positive person. I absolutely adore nature and animals. I am a sincere and cheerful person! Hope, that I will be miracle for my loving partner :) I am sure that on this web site I will find my destiny, my future husband who will make me happy. I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you. I think that to create a good family is the reason to live.

My typical day

The best way to start the day for me is to drink a cup of coffee:) Then I usually do domestic chores and when I am not studying, I go to work and spend there the biggest part of my day. We just both feel lack of the right man beside us, maybe that might be you? I finish work at 8 pm. I often do aerobics or go in for sports. My day begins from the hot mug of coffee. Also I like to stay at home and to read some good book. Usually I like to walk along the city streets, parks. I am very pleased to think that I can help someone to make the right choice.

My future goals are

I do believe that despite the age a person is as old as she/he feels, don't you think so? I am loving, caring and understanding person. I am a very reliable, serious and ready for risk, given by life) I have a good sense of humor. I love people and I prefer to give, than to take.

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