Birth Date
2 / November / 1982
57 kg 102 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Then i have few hours for myself, which i like to spend doing bodyflex gymnastics or watching tv. My typical day i am a student, that is why my typical day is always connected with studying. My typical day i wake up very early in the morning, approximately at 7 p. She can make friends very easily. I would like my man to be romantic and i would like us to make some romantic surprises for each other from time to time.

About my family

Since my dad died I feel a big desire to have my own family to feel support of my husband and children. Her beauty is shining! Very often I can spend almost the whole day cooking something very delicious and exquisite. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)It's intriguing like finding an unknown world. Then I do everything necessary to look beautiful!

Domestic abilities

I like when there is a cozy and tidy atmosphere in our home. My dearest know me as a hard-working person because I'm used to do my best to keep my home clean and cozy. Cooking is not just the important issue for me to do in the house. And my concern is to cook. Preparing meal always makes my mood better. I always try to make healthy food because I believe that right products help us to stay strong and beautiful. I like cooking and always try to find new tasty recipes. but especially I like to make rearrangement of furniture. I'm sure that it's not a problem for me to make anything about the house when I listen to my favorite music.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like being active and keep my body and mind alert and alive, so in my free time I am dedicating to active rest. Actually, I like to rest with them. I like dancing:) This is my secret to be in a good shape and in a good mood:) When the weather is not good for walking, I cook and invite friends to share the dinner. I really believe that life is an action, and every day you should open new page of your life, make your own marks and go towards your dreams. So, they are vocal, I like to sing very much. Also I like to ride a bicycle. Would you like to hear me playing:)?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

We sincerely hope she will find her one and only with our help. She is a very focused and sincere person. Pay attention that the lady's native town is donetsk, due to military operations she had to move to kiev. She is a real optimist! This lady is very kind, cheerful, active, tender and passionate at the same time The lady is always smiling, beautiful and tender. Charming smart lady with big kind heart!

How would I describe myself

I believe that life itself has a lot of sad moments that is why I prefer to make my life and lives of those people who are close to me colorful and bright. I am an active person. I adore traveling and seeing places, trying new food, dancing, roses, being out with friends, quiet dinners with my daughter and much more. It is my weakness. I like communication with others. I am a serious, kind, family oriented and interesting lady who knows exactly what she wants from life and I really want to find my man here. I can say about myself that I am cheerful, sometimes like a child. My heart is open to help people, to support them.

My typical day

Almost 9 years I have been working as a speech therapist. I get up at 8 o’clock and do my special morning exercises. As usual I do all housework till 2 pm and after that I start working. I wake up early, make a little work out to keep my mind and body toned. I quickly put myself in order. I want in my life be a man who can color my daily routine and bright my grey weekdays. When I come back home, I always have good rest, eat dinner, and do my home work. After my working day I do sport.

My future goals are

And every page is a new topic. I hope this does not scare you off:) LOL I know what loyalty is and how to love and be a good friend. I am funny, sociable, honest and trustful person. If you feel that your life lacks some bright colors, just give us a chance to know each other better :).

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