Birth Date
21 / July / 1987
53 kg 124 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like to spend time outdoors with my dog, i like nature a lot. My man is kind and romantic! I also like, when guy has some piece of romance in his soul - i don't need dinners with candles or flowers every day, but i want my man to be tender and caring with me. My future goals are as all the people here i am looking for love! We are all different.

About my family

Maybe this is you? In the evening I cook dinner make their beds, read them. I was born in Poltava. I`m the only child and now I live with my dearest father. The closest person in my life was my cousin.

Domestic abilities

A real woman should be a real hospitable hostess! I enjoy adding a zest to everything I do around my apartment. I like when my apartment is clean and everything is on it's places:-) I enjoy cooking very much too. I often invent the recipes on my own and if it works-)- I write them down. That is something I could never stop experimenting on and would love to pamper my future beloved with. I need someone who likes having a stack of pancakes or some eggs with bacon for breakfast :-) In general I don't think that domestic abilities are boring. Since I was a small kid my mom used to teach me how to handle chores-) So I cannot be surprised by anything. I love when my apartment shines with cleanliness and order. I love to clean and to do around the house!

What I do in my leisure time?

I am fond of fitness to keep fit and sometimes attend a swimming pool. I like to go to the mountains or to the village to visit my relatives. We know how to have fun. I enjoy strolls, that is why when I have a possibility to walk in the fresh air, I never lose it. I have a very deep world inside of me which I want to share with someone special. I like to discover new countries, new cultures and people. It happens very rarely when I just sit at home and do nothing.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very friendly, easy-going and interesting to talk to. She is very serious about finding her man and she would be happy to meet you in kremenchug if you like each other and arrange this meeting together. She is a little miracle! Natalie is also humorous, she is nice to talk to. Beautiful girl, with charming smile. She is ready to create strong and happy family. Julia is a very tender and cheerful person, she is open to this world and her heart is searching for real love!

How would I describe myself

I dream to take pictures of my own family and future children for family archive. I love Spirituality Practices. I consider myself as an active lady. I am certainly doing my best to get rid of weak points. I'm a sensual, energetic, positive, responsible and creative woman. I'm intelligent and feminine, erudite and ambitious, I have values and morality, I respect others for who they are and accept all the good from them. In relationships I am very tender and caring. Very often I walk around the city for 1 or 2 hours.

My typical day

Usually I get up at seven o'clock, do some morning exercises and go to work. Usually I go to sleep late, such a habit I have. My ordinary day begins with waking up at 7. Then an interesting book for a good night and sweet dreams. I wake up, turn on music and do my morning exercises. That's why I'm trying to manage my time. After a light breakfast I turn on music and get ready to go to Uni. After I go to the University or just do some homework for the University, as I am a part-time student.

My future goals are

I try to look at everything from a positive perspective and get a better understanding of a situation. One day I dream to see Italy! I believe that the desire to be better with each day and things that you do to reach this goal is much more important, so I can say that I'm trying to be this better person. I will share the last meal with a homeless person.

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