Birth Date
19 / April / 1987
50 kg 115 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I try to make it cozier every day and i know that sooner or later there will be one more bird who will fly to that nest every evening in order to enjoy its warmth and comfort. Domestic abilities like for any other woman domestic abilities are not a problem for me. And i am ready to love. I am looking for the strong and serious relationship. I want to devote every day of my life to my one and only, to make my beloved happy is my deepest desire and my hope.

About my family

Then I feel myself fresh and ready for new day. It seems that they have just met and have a special sensitive Love period in their Life. That's why my older brother took care of me. 8 years younger than me . When I was 15 my parents divorced.

Domestic abilities

I am not a huge fan of indoors plants but I keep a few at home, I believe they make it fresher, warmer and more comfortable. I think that woman should take care about the home and family so it’s a pleasure for me to do my domestic abilities! But most of all I like to cook. I do practically everything, especially when I have mood and time for that. I do everything about the house. What I also like is cooking. Domestic abilities are the part of my daily life, and at home I care about everything. I am convinced that doing home duties is always more funny, easier and better with a partner! My daughter likes it too by the way and when I have a break and drink a cup of my favorite tea, she keeps cleaning.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to visit Art Galleries. Sometimes I like to spend my evenings visiting interesting plays at the theaters and concerts. Also I like having fun, but I prefer to spend time with friends in the company or playing some active game such as bowling. :D Surely I love this time. :) Usually I have my free time after work and during the weekends, so my pastime depends on weather and my mood. Of course I spend some time with my friends and family! I'm fond of all types of relaxation.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Anya is a great lover of animals. Even not looking at her small,so tiny and fragile figure, this lady is so strong inside! She is ready to share her life with her life partner. Marina is ready to face any difficulties and solve them any way. Her smile shines always and there is a spark in her eyes. Her borscht seems to be something you should try one day! We think that natalia is a woman who will give all her love and care to her beloved person.

How would I describe myself

I am very romantic, tender and delicate like a flower. I like my friends, I like to enjoy this life. I never give up and I always do everything to achieve my goals. Just make this step and you will see. I am romantic enough and I love the beauty of nature and the world around. I consider myself as a hard-working person but at the same time I like to enjoy the different kinds of activities, for example going to the cinema, walking around with friends, doing sports. Sometimes I play different sport games for health and pleasure. I decided to join the site not to play games.

My typical day

In the evening I meet with my friends or do home exercises. I also need to get ready for my working day. On Sunday I sometimes work and then rest. Dinner we are trying to cook together with my mother when I am able to spend evenings at home. The day without learning something new is wasted one for me. I like to stay in bed as long as possible but in fact it happens quite seldom))) I usually wake up at 6-7 a. I finish work at 8 pm. -) Early in the morning I wake up, cook my breakfast for me and my daughter and go to work.

My future goals are

I am a very gentle, soft, caring and domestic girl. I have an adult son, I have my work, I have my dances and a lot of others hobbies. I am very romantic, tender and sexy lady. Together we will make our hearts strong and vibrant.

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