Birth Date
9 / August / 1991
48 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

During the weekend or day off i am allowing myself to sleep longer. It would be good if we set up goals and reach them together. I believe that everything will be good if our sincere and kind hearts will help each other! All the time i cook with love, no matter is it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have you ever heard that they prefer career instead of family?

About my family

We always support each other, rejoice our successes and grieve over failures. So I live separately from my mom and dad. I want to find kind, reliable, cheerful and goal minded man! Our personal opinion of this Lady This lady will catch your attention, you'll never get bored with her! We like spending time together.

Domestic abilities

Just imagine me doing this :) As for me, I really like to keep home clean and cozy. Always have things to do. But…. I like to do things round the house. I know how it is possible to make very cozy house with the help of little thing. Among my favorite things is cooking :) I really adore making food, I like to find and to try something new and I really think, that every cuisine in this world is worth attention. I know that the way to man's heart lies through his stomach, so I know how to find this way:))) My grandmother taught me to cook her special pie. They gradually grow up into being independent people.

What I do in my leisure time?

I also enjoy walking and I have gone all over my city by feet :) My favorite authors are Mayne Reid, Daniel Defoe, James Fenimore Cooper, Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy. I love nature very much! As you already understood, I do not have much free time, but if I find time for myself then the first thing I do is run to gym. Also I have a great dog. swim in the river on the sunrise. I like to go in for sport and keep my body in shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Has strong motivation about creating family. She is a very kind woman, very joyful and positive. Gentle lady with good manners and charming smile) She has really serious intentions and is ready to make some steps toward her happy life. You will be glad to communicate and meet with her. She is very cheerful, sincere and good mannered person. Moreover, she is very good looking and it is always interesting to talk to her!

How would I describe myself

I take care of my lovely cats and also like to help to homeless cats to find good people who may take them. My principle is All is possible! Everyone tells me that I’m a good listener and very sociable. My son is grown up already so I can let myself feel free and plan my day the way I want. I am an optimist and I very smiling and positive person. I love people and I prefer to give, than to take. Simply the best. I want to be happy and loved woman and to give all my love, warmth, care and affection I have in my heart to the only one man - my man.

My typical day

After finishing my morning routine I go to work, where I spend almost the whole day. I don`t have typical days, they all are different. I am a nurse assistant, so the whole day long I spend with people. After it, I help my son with his home task, then we do something together, watch TV or just talk. When I come home I am always with my kids and I help them with their studies. In the evening I usually meet my friends. In the evening I prefer to rest with a good book, or to meet my best friend at the cafe. Never give up and go to your dream!

My future goals are

I am kind and caring girl. I treat people with respect and always try to find only best traits in people. They are so pure and lovely. I cherish individuality in every person because everybody has his pros and cons.

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