Birth Date
17 / September / 1993
60 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I miss you. I want to spend the rest of my life being happy with my other half. Lady about herself i'm just a girl. My future beloved man should respect family values . It would be good if we set up goals and reach them together.

About my family

I'm very thankful to my parents for everything I have in my life. I became mother, so all my leisure time I devote to my small son! I like to watch movies. Who will be loving father and husband. So now you know dance is the best way for me to spend my leisure time.

Domestic abilities

But I find happiness in other things, even though I am a good housekeeper and good cook also! But it does not means that I do not eat chocolate at all. I take care of my parrot, a very talkative and friendly bird that likes to have something tasty for a snack. I am a good house wife and I can do everything around the house)) I love my house to be clean and cozy with nice aromas around) Currently I am doing some renovation in my flat and I have some very nice ideas. That's amazing when you can make happy your parents and to see their joyful faces-) My home is my castle and I try to make it cozy and warm. I like to do the domestic chores. But the most important was the atmosphere, the atmosphere of comfort and coziness, which I love to recreate in the place where I live now and will do the same in the place where we will live with my man. I like animals and plants and most of all I like to take care of domestic animals and pets and also I like gardening)) Especially planting flowers!

What I do in my leisure time?

Adore spending time outdoors, sea, traveling. Also I like cooking very much. My creativity is demonstrated not only in my work time. I keep practicing every day. I love to skate. But when I have some free time I prefer going to night clubs or listening to music at home. I also try to go in for sports because I want to be in good shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is well-educated and intelligent. Has a nice sense of taste and looks quite sophisticated. Green eyes, long with shade of gold hair, charming smile, slight and voluptuous curves. Gentle lady with good manners and charming smile) She is kind, intelligent and polite lady. Now it is necessary to wait due till it is safe for her to outside the city. She will be a supporting life partner.

How would I describe myself

I am not a damned wretch who knows how to play with men’s hearts. I have a lot of energy inside and you can see it in my sparkling eyes! I like summer, sun, sky and chocolates :) I am a very good at getting people to laugh and look at the bright side of things. And I can't live without romance :) I am very honest. My morning starts with breakfast at eight o'clock then with the daily routine, but I try to stay cheerful as I like to bring lights in this world. I like to smile and enjoy every single day ! As any woman I like flowers and sweets!

My typical day

I also ride my bicycle sometimes when I have time and when the weather is good. The classes finish at 3 pm and I go to have my late lunch and rest a little. My days are very boring. When I finish doing my job, I meet with my friends or go to the fitness-club. Mostly sunny :) Usually I get up early in the morning listening the waking city. I like to have a shower, to get myself ready for the job and to have a breakfast. Then I work, go to gym, meet my friends or I stay at home. I usually cook for him some healthy food and then we play a lot) When he sleeps - I have enough time for cleaning my flat and of course some free minutes for myself.

My future goals are

-) Believe me, we'll have fun together :)My typical day I get up very early and spend most of my day at University. Now it is time to make one more step to my destiny. Try and you will be convinced. I have enough of romantics for both of us, you only need to accept it and and be able to appreciate it.

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