Birth Date
21 / July / 1997
49 kg 109 lbs
The type of man that I desire

But we keep in touch anyway. Three times per week i go to a fitness club. It's better to inspire a man, or people in general for good actions. I am sure that being next to beloved person it is real pleasure and any place can become magnificent if you are together. Our team took part in different comptetions.

About my family

I have lots of indoor plants in my apartment and I like to not only water them, what is very easy to do, but to thin them out as well. They brought us up and communicated with us, and thanks to it we have always had very close and warm relationships. I can say that my mother is also my best friend for me as we can talk about anything, she'd always understand me and find what to advise. To divide everything we have. I feel like I would want my family to be the same.

Domestic abilities

I am very pedantic and person like some call me perfectionist. I would like to have a lot of flowers in my house and take care of it. A plate for you! I don't like mess at home, so try to clean my apartment every day. I like cooking and cleaning my room and my home. Especially I like the desserts. I love doing everything about my house, I adore cooking and cleaning. There were clothes on the floor, the bed wasn't made and the dust was on every surface of the room. I like cooking, cleaning my house and making something special for my dearest people.

What I do in my leisure time?

but most of all I like to be in the open air. So, summer, seaside and swimming is one of my passions. When I have free time I try to do something nice because I don't like wasting my time. It is so great to feel as a child and just have a great fun! Time spending near the lakes, mountings and sea has special influence on my mind and spirit. I think that life is so short. I like reading history, different articles.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Natali is very reliable and active person who has many friends and every time is ready to help. Very gentle, tender, feminine but at the same time strong and creative. Once you'll meet her, you'll never forget. The lady is very open, she's not a shy one. She is very serious in her intentions to find her second half and to create a family. Zhenja is a very nice cheerful lady with serious intentions and open mind. This lady is a real nurse and not just professionally.

How would I describe myself

I prefer rest on beach, sea. I like to explore new places around my country and also abroad when I have a chance and meet new people) I am open, sincere and maybe a little bit shy. I like to win and I like to be the best. I am a person who will never betray because I think, that when you love someone, you don't need anyone else! I’m kind, honest, responsible and very serious. I have too much care inside to stay alone. But in side I am romantic, tender and caring person.

My typical day

I like my work a lot, I like people I work with but I do understand that something is missing in my life, yes - I miss love, care and attention. My morning starts with walking a dog. We can go to the cinema or gym. My day starts with a cup of coffee and pleasant music, I like to go to work in high spirits because I think that it has a positive influence on my work efficiency! I wake up in the morning, and I definitely take a cold shower, and also my usual procedure - to drink two glasses of water! And of course I love having someone with me! I usually come home in the evening and I have some time to spend with my friends or family! After drinking a cup of coffee, I usually try to cook something light for breakfast and after this I take something for dinner with me and go to work.

My future goals are

I know that one cannot learn everything, but this world is so interesting, that I cannot help diving into it! I don`t like arguing. I work as a nail master in a beauty salon and I like to make people more beautiful. And I will treat him as a real King.

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Some people will never understand. I remember when i would years before i got my head straight. Yeah, does that mean i separate people from their money, trying to imagine i am to date a woman like. Learn to socialize again without can also meet the roommate.

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