Birth Date
24 / July / 1990
60 kg 122 lbs
The type of man that I desire

After two hours of practice i have my breakfast and go to the university classes. My father is also in russia, he works there and helps us. I am open with her and she always supports me. Are you ready to rule the world with a lady like me? My typical day my typical day starts with the alarm clock:)

About my family

Watch this video for FREE I am sure that my future man will add even more light into our family! My family consists of three people. I was raised in a very nice family. Now the people I am not able to imagine my life are my dearest sister and my cute little son :) They are those ones who bring happiness into my life and make me smile every day :).

Domestic abilities

I prefer healthy food and I cook everything what is useful for me. I also grow flowers at home. I cook with love as only in that case dishes are really tasty! Usually I go for grocery shopping and during the week I am the one who cooks breakfasts. I do all domestic abilities from laundry to cooking. I like to wash the dishes with music and dance at the same time. I enjoy creating a cozy atmosphere at home, making it light and bright, a place where I want to come back to relax. I like feeding and washing them. I adore cooking, most of all baking.

What I do in my leisure time?

But sometimes it is difficult, because my children grew up and have their own lives. I like nature, so I am trying to spend more time having picnics, camping, traveling, especialy in summer. I am fond of yoga and I believe that everyday is a journey to harmony and happiness:) I like exploring this world, traveling and meeting new people. When I want something more calm - I prefer to have a walk in the park. But I haven't had an opportunity yet. We all need some extra energy during the day) But I have not been abroad yet.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is hungry for real mutual love in her life. Person with a good sense of humor and charisma, full of energy and warmth. She is very pretty and interesting lady. Very nice, cute lady who amazed us with a bright, lovely smile and sense of humour. Lady seems to be self-confident and open-minded. She's actually as soft as she looks. This lady is very nice, smart, beautiful and intelligent.

How would I describe myself

I am kind, loving and sensual woman. Just make this step and you will see. I am very open, communicative, might look shy and socially awkward at first though but friendly girl. I am an adult woman. I am close with my family and I am sure that relatives are the dearest people, but at the same time I feel more and more that I lack my soul mate. I dream to take pictures of my own family and future children for family archive. I'm a positive and easy-going lady and I like to meet with my friends, to spend time as much as possible with my children and relatives. :) I think it is very important in any relationships!

My typical day

I'm an early bird, so I wake up very early every morning, except weekend of course) I have my strong coffee and something tasty to it and then I leave for work, I have a long working day. I rent an apartment together with two girls and we like to chat in the morning while we have our breakfast and before we go to work. this is my main dream :) And what are your dreams? I always watch morning news, morning TV programs help me to wake up, but I don't spend too much time on them. I also ride my bicycle sometimes when I have time and when the weather is good. Then I feel myself fresh and ready for new day. Everything depends on my plans for the day. Then I switch on my computer and get my work started.

My future goals are

I am a kind and a happy woman. I am sure that it works both ways. It's hard to say about myself :) I'm ordinary Russian girl who is looking for happiness and who is ready for serious relations, for marriage , for creating family. I am a kind, loving, gentle and caring woman.

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Job dating camaieu