Birth Date
28 / December / 1983
56 kg 103 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want my man to be loving and kind, never cheat on me and to be a real gentleman! I like to be organized in everything. If they have children we go to the park together and watch the children playing. I want to find a man with strong personality. Watch this video for free

About my family

Our personal opinion of this Lady Anna is an open-minded and pleasant girl. Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! I think that only those people who have something in common could be happy together. There are bright, happy and loving people are around me. I also like to make my home cozy and clean.

Domestic abilities

As for me cleaning is the best way to get rid of stress and negative emotions. I mostly paint landscapes and I give a picture to my friends. " Give everything that you can to the one, who loves and appreciates, what you do! I do everything about home. Want to check? My mom taught me to cook and to do everything about the house when I was a little girl. I am a tidy person and I like when everything is in order. It is always great fun for me to tidy up my house, I am really very active lady, I like to do chores and to listen to the music. My mom taught me everything and I am and will be a good housewife:).

What I do in my leisure time?

I am always ready to do something fun and new! Her name is Milka, and she is Pekingese. I love taking part in different competitions, music festivals, going to the theatres. Sometimes I feel that need to escape from everyday worries and to do something spontaneous and go to visit some places I have never been to. Yes, I exist) I adore going to the cinema but I would like to do it with my beloved. My leisure time.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Feminine and cheerful! Valery is an interesting person, she is smiling and nice. Seems like she is positive, and very determined to find her love. She looks for real love. This lady is very communicative, easy-going and open. Marina cares about her son. Love sports and could become a good friend for her man.

How would I describe myself

I decided to join the site not to play games. I believe in people and I always try to do my best. I hate it! This sport has so much passion. When I was a child I liked to wear my mom's clothes and shoes and then I was performing as a real model. I like everything positive in this life. I don't know how to describe myself the right way but I try to tell more. I'm open to new things, new adventures.

My typical day

So I love every moment of my life and I try to share this feeling with a people around me. I also like to gather with my family to have dinner together. When I go home, I usually go to the supermarket on my way and buy something to make dinner from - some meat, vegetables and fruits. I get up, take a shower and get dressed listening to my favourite music . My morning belongs to breakfast and getting myself ready. After them, I go to my work. I wake up at around 9 a m and my day starts with the smile of my daughter:-) I cook breakfast and we eat together. We like to spend time together, we like singing, drawing, playing different games, watching movies or just reading something interesting.

My future goals are

If I am not given something I would try to achieve it with my own powers. I am a sporty woman also. But it is so short to live it alone! I am honest and I never give up.

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