Birth Date
4 / July / 1984
52 kg 107 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Being a woman i need to feel care and love from the man with whom i will fall in love. When i have free time i am never boring. I am open-hearted, kind and in the same time fair woman. I want to find a man who will accept my career choice and will give me advice in any situation. Leisure time is a marvelous time when i can do all my best for improving my life!

About my family

My future goals are My first goal is to create strong and friendly family like my parents have. I am an obstetrician at the local maternity house and every time the new born life brings so much happiness into my heart. I like going to the cinema very much so sometimes during weekends I watch something nice with my friends. My mom, dad, older brother and many other relatives. I get up, turn on a good music and go to cook some breakfast, after breakfast I go with kids to the kindergarten and school and after it I go to my work.

Domestic abilities

As a woman, I do everything in my house. I can impress my man with baking something special for my man for breakfast. Some people call it home routine but to me it has a positive meaning:) Best of all I like cooking, mainly baking. I like to find new recipes and make them and to invite my friends for dinner to my home. :) And I can say I know how to do everything about the house. :) I also enjoy cooking for my son and I always try to cook something new, healthy and delicious for him. But I believe that order is important and it is always clean and cozy in my place. I don't like mess at home, so try to clean my apartment every day. Among all domestic abilities I prefer cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I'm not afraid to take the initiative in organizing free time of mine and my family. I think that communication with my dearest people is very important and I value every minute when we are together. For me it's important to have various activities, as it's my essence. I like camping, sitting near the fire, going to the beach, swimming and even fishing. Being a busy lady, I use my leisure in full for the things I really love --) When I have free time I go to sport studio, walk a lot listening to the music and go shopping with pleasure. But since I have time for my family, friends and self-development, then I do not need more)) Most of my free time I like to spend with my son and daughter and we won't get bored with them.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Julia is a kind person. You will never be bored with her. You can talk to her for hours and hours and still will have desire to continue talking to her. This lady is very energetic and sweet in communication. When you see her your mood is becoming much better because she is so positive all the time. She is smart and tender, and she knows what she wants in life! She seems to be a little philosopher, a very unusual girl!

How would I describe myself

I prefer to have picnics or watch movies. This is a way of Love! I hope I will find a man who is ready for serious relations. I know that my life has the only one way. I have learned playing guitar and now I enjoy playing it so greatly. Most of all, what I would like to do now is really to enjoy life with my beloved one! I respect and love my friends and people that are around me. What can I tell about myself?

My typical day

3 times a week I work 12-14 hours a day, then my son stays at my mom' in the village. My day starts from making breakfast for myself and my son, later I take him to kindergarten and go for work. It is great that we can use Internet everywhere! After work I come home, do some chores, meet my family or friends, we have dinner together. Then I'm ready for morning exercises, preparing for working day and appearing in time at my working place. Every day I need to go to the university. Then I wake my daughter up and we start our working day. Then we go for a walk in the park, do shopping and do some sports together.

My future goals are

And all of those qualities are enclosed in delicate and feminine essence which longs for caring and loving man. I am not afraid to make great changes in life because life is movement. I really love life and will never get bored with it. I am sure that I will never seem boring to my man, and I will never stop amazing him.

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